Baldor highlights servo motors, soft starters at NMW

Baldor Electric Co.

By Frank J. Bartos, executive editor March 16, 2001

Chicago, Ill. -New brushless servo motors were highlighted in Baldor Electric Co. ‘s (Fort Smith, Ark.) booth at the National Manufacturing Week 2001 show. A line of washdown-duty servo motors was introduced, along with BSM-N Series servo motors with neodymium-iron-boron (Nd-Fe-B) magnets for low-inertia, responsive performance.

Washdown-duty servo motors feature stainless-steel hardware and shaft extension, premium moisture resistant wire, potted windings, and double sealed bearings. Standard ratings are continuous stall torque of 14-177 lb-in. and speed range of 1,200-4,000 rpm. Custom motors offer up to 366 lb-in. continuous stall torque and up to 7,000-rpm speed. With Nd-Fe-B magnets, BSM-N Series servo motors reach peak torques up to 1,440 lb-in. For most models, torque can be increased by 60-80% with blower cooling option.

Also new from Baldor was Digital Soft Start controls for motors in the 3-700 hp range. An ‘auto-setup’ function can set the starter’s control software for pump/fan, compressor, and conveyor applications. Users enter only operating parameters into a plain-English-language keypad.