Ball runner blocks for improved travel accuracy

Bosch Rexroth's BSHP ball runner blocks improve travel accuracy and work piece quality while increasing load capacities and service life.
By Bosch Rexroth October 27, 2015

By integrating its patented run-in zone and more load-bearing balls in the load zone, Rexroth has doubled the nominal service life of its ball rail systems while increasing travel accuracy. Courtesy: RexrothBosch Rexroth’s BSHP ball runner blocks are designed to improve load capacities and service life. The BSHP runner blocks reduce pulsation in machining quality and accuracy of cutting machine tools, measuring machines, and glass machining equipment. These blocks have high dynamic and static load capacities that promote energy-efficient lightweight construction for new machine concept. The runner blocks allow machine manufacturers to use a smaller size without sacrificing performance. Downsizing saves weight, installation space, and money. The steel inserts adapt to the operating load for easy entry without any pulse-like stresses and entry zone is designed to individually adapt to the ball runner block’s current operating load.

Bosch Rexroth

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