Batch-production management software helps meet regulations

By Control Engineering Staff December 7, 2005

GE Fanuc Automation Inc.’s Proficy Batch Version 5.0 (PBV) software is reported to deliver complete data collection, robust batch management, clear process visualization, and powerful supervisory control capabilities. It also intends to improve batch manufacturers’ ability to meet regulatory demands.

PBV’s new batch-direct functionality provides a more intuitive interface between the batch execution system and the phase/equipment logic located in controllers. Users can now: compare cycle times, parameters, variables, and other relevant data in context; report and summarize batch data in support of improvement initiatives; produce trend-related parameters across batches; and understand and control process variation.

For a more complete view of plant operations, the system combines batch operations with quality, production tracking, and other core manufacturing functions.

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—Richard Phelps, senior editor, Control Engineering,