B&R redesigns mechatronics, cuts 30% machine automation costs

B&R Industrial Automation is helping machine builders and system integrators redesign machine mechatronics to remove 15-30% of the cost of machine automation with new industrial PCs, real-time operating systems, operator panels, PLCs, I/O modules, motors, networks, and safety devices.

By Mark T. Hoske, Editor in Chief April 24, 2009

Automation redesign components, strategies for efficient mechatronics

B&R Industrial Automation outlines automation technologies that can help as original equipment manufacturers or system integrators redesign the mechatronics of their machines.

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Control systems can be scalable from space-saving, cost-effective machine controllers to large systems with distributed intelligence. A wide range of I/O components and attachment modules allow for the right connections.

Industrial PCs : Scalable industrial PC for high-performance applications optimize computing power, displays, operational elements, operating systems and interfaces can be optimized for the individual requirements.

Visualization and operations : From two-line displays to high-resolution graphics with touch screen, there’s a best human machine interface (HMI) for every application.

Motion control : Speed and precision can meet the highest application demands with built-in technology functions for flexible operation, including safety functions and “plug & play” capabilities in the power transmission system.

Remote I/O systems : Switching cabinets are becoming obsolete. Flexible and configurable distributed I/O systems reduce wiring, increase stability and can be adapted to any environment.

Integrated safety technology : Safety shut-offs do not always have to involve a full machine shutdown. Smart, safe reactions to various situations provide safety without always stopping the production process. Intelligent, decentralized and integrated safety technology that is simple to operate and that reaches extremely high reaction times opens up an entirely new range of machine safety concepts.

Programming and training : Automation Studio provides scalability, multi-platform capability, and the flexibility to meet all programming requirements. From the simplest machine to the most complex process, this single configuration and programming tool covers tasks and system platforms. Modular training that can be tailored to your needs.

Communications, fieldbus and IT networks : With Powerlink offers a system-wide real-time network is available.

Accessories and documentation are available for products ranging from configuration tools to terminal blocks.

Tough times require rethinking old ways, so B&R Industrial Automation is helping machine builders and system integrators redesign machine mechatronics to remove 15-30% of the cost of machine automation.

“We see a lot of original equipment manufacturers and system integrators interested in retrofits and upgrades now. We can carve costs 15-30% in many cases, and improve machines’ performance,” said Marc Ostertag, B&R president, in a recent visit with editors from Control Engineering , Packaging Digest , and Plant Engineering magazines, all Reed Business Information (RBI) publications.Redesigns include applying new automation, such as industrial PCs, real-time operating systems, operator panels– fixed and mobile, PLCs, distributed I/O modules, servo motors, linear motors, digital industrial networks, and advanced safety devices, among them. Retrofitting new sensors, controls, and motors on a dated design can waste energy and limit effectiveness of the new automation, Ostertag suggested.Considering the system, even with retrofits, is smarter with any integration project.Also read:- Automation design components and strategies (see box on the right);-

Safety automation grows; new products, resources

; and-

New products

from B&R Industrial Automation follow. Safety module for rough industrial environments

B&R X67 Safety module expands the X20 Safety product range by adding a module with IP67 protection. Developed for use in the roughest industrial environments, the new Integrated Safety Technology series module has all of the functions necessary for controlling safety-related peripherals. Equipped with 8 safe input channels and 4 safe output channels and a minimum X2X cycle time of 200Onboard functions such as filtering, two-channel evaluation, and internal and external tests are similar to the functions in the existing X20SI and X20SO products. In addition, the new X67 SafeIO module distinguishes itself through seamless integration in the Automation Studio programming and diagnostics tool. The channels are connected using virtual wiring in Automation Studio’s safe editor. Communication via Powerlink Safety protocol guarantees that process data is exchanged in a secure manner, and also makes it possible to automatically set module parameters during maintenance. They meet safety level requirements of CAT 4, PL e and SIL 3. Sensor– actuator connection

B&R achieved an intelligent sensor / actuator by integrating IO Link in the X20 System. This is made possible by the X20 digital module DS4387. All four channels are IO Link channels, but can also be used as standard inputs or outputs. The specified 3-line connection can be ideally implemented thanks to the connector system with 12 terminal points per module that is only available with X20.All specified communication rates are also supported. Unrivaled component density of X20 saves a considerable amount of space compared to conventional I/O systems, company says. Integration with a higher-level bus system adds benefits. Powerlink Ethernet protocol provides access via device description files in XML format. Highly dynamic, compact 8JS three-phase synchronous motors

B&R’s synchronous motor product family received an additional member with the compact 8JS three-phase synchronous motors. The universal 8JS motor series features high performance with a compact size. The permanent magnet, electronically commutated synchronous motors are designed for applications requiring excellent dynamics and positioning precision.8JS motors have sinusoidal commutation with an EnDat encoder or resolver as feedback unit. The exceptionally effective rotor design ensures minimized moment of inertia and provides the motor with the best possible dynamic properties, company says. The possibility to directly divert lost power generated in the stator to the flange via the housing guarantees efficient regeneration of energy. An optimized torque ripple and a stall torque between 0.8 and 52.5 Nm fulfills all requirements for sophisticated motor solutions.

The self-cooled 8JS motors are available in six sizes and offer the user the most freedom possible for application tasks where space is an issue. Easy access to mounting screws for fastening the flange makes it possible to install motors easily without negatively affecting other parts of the system. 8JS series motors have a high overload capability and an exceptionally long lifespan, company says.

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