Brooks-PRI Automation acquires Hermos Informatik

By Control Engineering Staff July 8, 2002

Chelmsford, Mass.— Brooks-PRI Automation Inc. announced July 8 it has acquired Hermos Informatik GmbH (Mistelgau, Germany) from its former parent, Hermos Group, for $41 million, including $37 million stock shares and $4 million in cash.

“The acquisition of Hermos Informatik enables Brooks-PRI to directly offer RF identification systems for tracking material in a semiconductor fab,” says Robert Therrien, Brooks-PRI’s president and ceo. “Virtually all new 300-mm semiconductor fabs are transitioning to RF technology from the infrared ID systems used in 200-mm fabs. Not only do we gain best-in-class technology that fills a white space in our product line, which enhances our ability to offer more integrated and complete solutions, but we also obtain a commercially profitable enterprise with the largest installed base and the most experience in its domain. We believe that this strategic acquisition will be a relatively seamless integration, and it will have a modestly positive impact on our fiscal fourth-quarter results.”

Harald Buchmann, Hermos Informatik’s managing director, adds that, “As the industry’s leading provider of wafer carrier ID readers for the 300-mm market, Hermos Informatik believes there are tremendous benefits in teaming with Brooks-PRI, the market leader in 300-mm load ports, and a current customer of Hermos. We believe that our technology, with important differences, all result in a strong competitive advantage for Brooks-PRI in the RF identification market segment. These differences include longer read distance; application-specific handheld readers; ability to integrate easily with the manufacturing execution system (MES); and adjustable read parameters. We have stayed focused on achieving strong gross margins and operating income throughout this industry down cycle, and will strive to continue making positive contributions to Brooks-PRI.”

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Jim Montague, news editor