Browser-based barcode reading interface

Mircoscan’s MicroHawk WebLink interface features a configuration utility for barcode reader setup and control in industrial settings.

By Microscan October 1, 2015

Mircoscan’s MicroHawk WebLink interface for intuitive configuration utility for barcode reader setup and control. WebLink allows users to command their barcode readers from any web-enabled device. WebLink connects to MicroHawk readers over web protocols and does not require equipment or industrial protocols to set up a reader in an industrial setting. Users have instant access to the reader from any device connected to the same local area network (LAN) and can switch between devices if necessary. Barcode reader job files can be saved from the reader to external devices, allowing users to transfer predefined decode setting from one MicroHawk reader to another. 

Through a live feed of images from the MicroHawk reader, users can see the effects of reader setting adjustments-such as the gain, exposure, and area of interest in real time to check read performance under various conditions. WebLink adjusts to single, multiple, static, moving, omnidirectional, printed, or direct-part marked codes. It can be trained to use the ideal combination of decode parameters for the target symbol to boost reading power or optimized to limit processes run by the reader and increase decode speeds.


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