Certifiably MES: Composite application “fills the gaps” for SAP Batch Manufacturing

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff August 20, 2008

Performix , a developer of composite applications for streamlining recipe management, manufacturing execution, and electronic batch recording (EBR), says its Performix xMES (manufacturing execution system) passes SAP xApp Certification. Through pre-built integration with SAP MII, manufacturing users can quickly standardize on the methodology for recipe creation and editing as well as execute batch manufacturing by eliminating redundancy and accelerating time-to-market.Powered by SAP NetWeaver, the Performix xMES Suite includes Performix xRecipe, a solution that standardizes the creation and management of recipes in SAP PP-PI via these tools and capabilities:• A graphical drag-and-drop user interface;• Performix xMES engine, the technology that powers the execution of recipes; and• Performix xBatch, which enables capture of electronic batch records.Like Performix xMES, these solutions enable full reporting and analytics through SAP MII based on industry-standard key performance indicators.Some MES solutions function as monolithic software suites that create functional overlap with SAP and plant-floor automation systems. This overlap often produces data redundancy, transaction replication, and expensive maintenance and support costs. Designed for the pharmaceutical and process industries, Performix xMES eliminates these gaps by leveraging existing functionality residing within the SAP system and extending the reach of SAP into the plant-floor environment.The integration of Performix xMES and SAP is said to reduce complexity, cost, and time associated with installation while streamlining manufacturing processes. This innovative approach completes the SAP manufacturing solution for batch manufacturing and enables customers to fully leverage functionality and master data already in SAP R/3, filling the gaps that exist between SAP and the MES and automation systems.