CFE Edu launches PLCs and analog signals training course

CFE Edu has launched a course that dives into the basics of programmable logic controllers (PLCs) and analog signals for continuing education and training.

By Emily Guenther, CFE Media November 30, 2017

CFE Edu has launched a new course, PLCs and Analog Signals, which is led by expert instructor Doug Bell, president of InterConnecting Automation Inc. Bell is also on the Control Engineering editorial advisory board and the instructor of CFE Edu’s Introduction to PLCs course that launched earlier this year. Bell has worked as a control electrician for 17 years in the plant. He has performed every facet of control work and educated those looking for continuing education and training in automation and controls.

In the PLCs and analog signals course, students will learn all about an analog signal. This course enables students to learn and constantly interact with the instructor to reinforce and elaborate on the concepts that are explained throughout each lesson. The following are the learning objectives for this course: 

  • Learn what an analog signal is and its applications
  • Understand how the signal is interpreted by the PLC and programmer
  • Understand the difference in analog input and output
  • How the PLC handles analog signals
  • Using and implementing the signal in the PLC
  • Learn how to scale an analog signal to user units.

Don’t have time to complete the course all at once? Not a problem. All of CFE Edu’s courses are on-demand. Students can log in and out of their student dashboard to continue wherever they left off in the course. Upon completing the course material, each student’s knowledge is tested. After passing the test, each student will receive a certificate of completion for this course. Registration is open to individuals looking to further their understanding on analog signals and employers who would like to gift this course to employees or their colleagues.

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Emily Guenther, associate content manager, CFE Media; director of CFE Edu,