Chinese alumina plant to be digitally automated

By Control Engineering Staff January 4, 2006

Luoyang Xiangjiang Wanji Aluminum Ltd. (LXWA) has contracted with Invensys Process Systems China for its greenfield alumina plant in Luoyang Xinan County, Henan Province, China. Invensys will furnish Foxboro’s I/A-Series digital automation to control plant-wide processes as well as providing hardware integration services for its new, 400,000-metric-ton/year, Bayer-process-based bauxite-refining facility. Its alumina product will be a feedstock for making aluminum metal.

LXWA plant-automation systems will employ I/A-Series redundant-control processors at seven control nodes, serving processes throughout the plant. Control nodes are for raw materials processing, solvent extraction, settling, separation, product filtration, evaporation, and calcination (roasting). Control processors will be connected to over 5,200 I/O points, representing a wide variety of sensors, devices, and signal interfaces.

Control nodes will be interconnected with a redundant network built around a control and dispatching center, with 15 sets of operator workstations and seven sets of engineering-and-operational workstations. The centralized facility will provide real-time data and full graphics of the plant automation network, supporting production monitoring and optimization applications. LXWA, and its engineering and design firm, selected Invensys based on the reliability and reputation of I/A Series systems installed at multiple plant sites, Invensys says.

With the formation of Shanghai-Foxboro Co. Ltd. (SFCL) in 1982, Foxboro says it’s the first major American manufacturer to establish a joint venture in China. The company also advised that, in 1991, SFCL became the first company in China to be certified under ISO 9001.

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—Richard Phelps, senior editor, Control Engineering,