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Swirling flavors and sounds of New Orleans' culinary and musical icons will be briefly rivaled when ISA Expo/2000 and IMS Expo 2000 co-locate to host a technological smorgasbord of 750 exhibitors and a symphony of conference events for about 28,000 guests here on Aug. 21-24.Sponsored by ISA, the international society for measurement and control (Research Triangle Park, N.

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Swirling flavors and sounds of New Orleans’ culinary and musical icons will be briefly rivaled when ISA Expo/2000 and IMS Expo 2000 co-locate to host a technological smorgasbord of 750 exhibitors and a symphony of conference events for about 28,000 guests here on Aug. 21-24.

Sponsored by ISA, the international society for measurement and control (Research Triangle Park, N.C.), the millennial editions of these shows will be held at New Orleans’ Ernest N. Morial Convention Center.

ISA Expo/2000 will focus on automation software, sensors, PLCs, analyzers and transmitters, distributed process control equipment, and other technologies. IMS Expo 2000 will concentrate on supply-chain management, e-business, and enterprise integration.

ISA Expo is the bazaar-oriented incarnation of the show’s alternating year format, which follows last fall’s university-style ISA Tech/1999 in Philadelphia. This format will be updated in 2001 when ISA unveils a new show concept that will reportedly retain recent improvements in technical conference programming, while also eliminating restrictions on booth size.

The new 2001 event will be called the Instrumentation Systems and Automation (ISA) Conference and Exhibition 2001, and organizers concede it will be a partial return to the format that existed before the show was divided into ‘techs’ and ‘expos.’ ISA 2001 will be held Sept. 10-13 in Houston. It also will feature a standalone, high-tech R&D conference with required registration, and a more hands-on, application-vendor-product-solution-style conference included with regular exhibit registrations.

Conference, free training, topical lunches

In August, ISA Expo/2000’s technical conference will feature presentations on automation and control, safety and environmental issues, emerging technologies, management concerns, networking and communications, and productivity and flexibility. IMS Expo’s conference will include presentations by Andy Chatha, ARC Advisory Group’s president, and Jim Nyquist, Emerson Performance Solutions’ president, who will talk about e-business and manufacturing systems.

This year’s keynote will be given by H. Britton Sanderford, Jr., Axonn Corp.’s founder, president, and ceo, who will speak at 9 a.m. on Aug. 21 at the convention center. A wireless industry leader, Axonn was founded in 1985, and filed its first spread spectrum patents in 1986..

ISA Expo and IMS Expo are also offering training courses on Ethernet, fieldbus, and PLCs. Conference registrants will be able to participate in one half-day seminar for free when they sign up for the full technical conference. The seven topics include: safety instrumented systems, PC-based control, OLE for Process Control (OPC); manufacturing execution systems (MES), enterprise value consulting, e-commerce in the process industries, and minimizing the effects of electrical noise.

Organizers will also reintroduce topical lunches to ISA Expo and IMS Expo. This year’s topics include: motor control technology, implementing change in e-manufacturing, and NASA’s advances in aerospace technology. The space agency’s X-43 research model aircraft will be exhibited at ISA Expo’s sensors pavilion.

In addition, ISA Expo and IMS Expo are collaborating with New Orleans’ local Habitat for Humanity organization. ISA will make a $1 donation for each registered visitor to the shows. Meanwhile, volunteers will bring modular supplies to the exhibit hall, so attendees can pound nails and build modular components to be used later in Habitat for Humanity homes in New Orleans.

Technological Mardi Gras

Thousands of innovative products, solutions, and services will be shown by more than 750 exhibitors at ISA Expo/2000 and IMS Expo 2000. Some of the most significant include the following:

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Wireless aids personalized SCADA view

Afcon Control & Automation Inc.’s (Schaumburg, Ill.) W@P-CIM product implements Wireless Application Protocol (WAP) to enable Mobile Information & Control (MI&C). Afcon sought to provide a tailored data set to give users a personalized window into SCADA systems at any time, from anywhere via any WAP device, such as a mobile phone. This goal was achieved using Afcon’s P-CIM SCADA/HMI package in the control room along with W@P-CIM and it’s MI&C technology that allow users to create these customized views.

Tiny PC packs in functions

CE Box PC SH3H, Contec Microelectronics USA Inc.’s (Milpitas, Calif.) smallest PC design, measures 5.7 x 1.8 x 4.1 in. Designated Model IPC-BX/MSH3H, it uses a Hitachi SH3 chip (80 MHz) and comes with 16 MB memory (32 MB maximum), built-in Ethernet (10 Base T), one compact flash slot, two PCMCIA slots, and two RS-232 with one switchable RS-485 port.

Software allows database transfer

Flowserve ‘s Flow Control Division (Springville, Ut.) new software enhancement, Direct Data Exchange (D Performance! valve sizing software. D

Flowmeters support high-accuracy applications

For high-accuracy flow measurement supporting plant compressed air equipment, nitrogen blanketing, or wastewater aeration system applications, Fluid Components International (San Marcos, Calif.) has introduced its FlexMASSter ST98B-CA and ST98B-AN thermal mass flowmeters. ST98B-CA’s flow detection capability ranges from 6-600 SFPS (1.8-180 SMPS) in air or nitrogen. ST98B-AN’s flow range is 1.25-125 SFPS in air or nitrogen.

Predictive software embedded in processors

Foxboro (Foxboro, Mass.), as part of the Invensys exhibit, will demonstrate its fully adaptive Connoisseur multivariable predictive control (MPC) software embedded in fault-tolerant controller processors. This approach provides advanced control in the I/A Series Control Processor environment.

Two-wire level gauges save time

To reduce installation time and still maintain accuracy, Krohne (Peabody, Mass.) has launched two new two-wire level products that can be integrated into intelligent process control systems. BM 702 radar level gauge is a two-wire Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave (FMCW) device and BM 102 reflex radar level gauge is a two-wire Time Domain Reflectometry (TDR) device. BM 102 is a refined version of Krohne’s BM 100 reflex radar.

Fieldbus products aid process automation

To give process automation users fieldbus capabilities, Pepperl+Fuchs (Twinsburg, O.) has introduced new power supply, repeater, discrete I/O fieldbox, and termination product lines that comply with FOUNDATION fieldbus. The company is also showing its K-System, which transfers signals between field devices and the control system. K-System’s intrinsic safety barriers, logic controls, HART multiplexer, and signal conditioners allow users to optimize systems with one, uniform housing.

Ethernet component series introduced

A new industrial Ethernet component series from Siemens Energy & Automation Inc. (Alpharetta, Ga.) allows users to build a complete, high-bandwidth network with Internet management capabilities. The Simatic NET series of control hardware, firmware, and cabling options complements a line of high-speed switches for integrating production floor and critical IT data at transfer rates of 100 Mbps. All components are optimized for connectivity with a ‘native socket’ TCP/IP firmware interface, which means there is no proprietary application layer protocol. Users can have direct access to controller data via the Internet without having to buy additional equipment. Siemens has also adapted its FastConnect fieldbus cabling system for Ethernet. Siemens will also exhibit its distributed I/O safety system, which combines a motor starter with a Simatic ET200S Profibus I/O module to reduce assembly and start-up times, cut costs, and improve process safety.

Transducers have Hall effect sensor

Phoenix Contact ‘s (Harrisburg, Pa.) new DIN-rail mounted compact current transducer accepts ac, dc, or distorted current wave forms. MCR-S 1/5-UI-(SW)-DCI and MCR-S 10/50-UI-(SW)-DCI modules are designed with a Hall effect sensor, which allows them to accept an adjustable current range between 0-11 A and 0-55 A. The 0-11 A version accepts direct termination of current signal wires, while the 0-55 A version accepts the 10.5-mm diameter current carrying conductor that is passed through the center of the module’s 22.5-mm housing. Phoenix Contact is also exhibiting a new line of DIN-rail mountable serial-data isolators and converters.

Nine protection products launched

To aid plant-floor protection efforts, Rockwell Automation (Milwaukee, Wis.) has launched nine Allen-Bradley Guardmaster products. These include 440R safety relays and control units: 440G guard-locking key interlock switches; 440E emergency stop and cable pull switches; 440P safety limit switches; 440N noncontact interlock switches; 440K key interlock: 440H hinge interlock switches; 440T Prosafe trapped key interlock switches; 440F pressure-sensitive safety mats and edge systems.

LabView RT, CompactPCI join for real-time control

National Instruments’ (Austin, Tex.) new CompactPCI, real-time control solution is based on LabView RT, its graphical programming environment for development and deployment of embedded, real-time applications. Engineers and integrators can now use LabView RT to develop real-time monitoring and control, high-speed data acquisition, process control, and discrete control applications on a standard Microsoft Windows-based PC.

Air conditioners extend component life

Because an 18 Hoffman (Anoka, Minn.) has introduced a full line of air conditioners that solve thermal management problems created by densely packed electronic equipment in sealed enclosures. These air conditioners feature closed-loop cooling, are NEMA rated, UL listed, and come with the CE mark.

Inspection windows offer protection

Designed to protect operator controls, indicators, and readouts without restricting access, Fibox ‘s (Elkridge, Md.) new Window Kits line includes 12 inspection windows made from molded polycarbonate plastic. They offer viewing areas from 2.3 x 1.7 in. to 11.6 x 13.5 in.

Isolators provide 4,000 V rms protection

Designed to prevent transfer of interference voltages or currents and for breaking signal distortion and ground loops, new DSCL22 and DSCL23 DIN rail-mount series of multi-channel, loop-powered isolators from Dataforth Corp. (Tucson, Ariz.) provide up to 4,000 V rms isolation protection for (0)4-20 mA analog signals deriving power from the input signal.

Flat-panel monitor is sunlight readable

Clarity-18 UHB is a new 18.1-in. diagonal flat-panel monitor from Computer Dynamics (Greenville, S.C.) that is sunlight-readable with 900 nits brightness, and accepts inputs, including standard analog, digital (PanelLink interface), and interlaced NTSC (VCR, camcorder, CCD) all on the same video controller board.

Interface enclosures reengineered

Rittal ‘s (Springfield, O.) redesigned and reengineered VIP 6000 modular operator interface units include five enclosure depths, offering added space for conventional monitors, pull-out keyboard drawers, disk drives, bus modules, electronic components, cooling devices. For interfaces with cooling requirements, Rittal’s VIP Series small air conditioner with a 920 BTU cooling capacity can be mounted on the VIP 6000’s rear wall. Rittal is also showing its TS8 Top Enclosure System, which features a 16-fold dual tubular frame design that allows components to be bayed without an intermediate frame.

Redundancy software backs up critical control

GE Fanuc’s (Charlottesville, Va.) new Max-ON hot backup redundancy software provides an off-the-shelf configuration solution for applications, such as fuel loading, standby power generation, boiler systems, and manufacturing systems requiring modular critical control. Integrated with standard GE Fanuc Series 90-30 PLCs and a range of I/O device options, the Max-ON software family, which includes Max-ON Lite, Max-ON Standard, and Max-ON Extended, provide a redundant CPU system without typical program development costs.

Consolidated junction boxes, cordsets available

To eliminate multiple cable runs and simplify wiring of sensors and other discrete I/O devices in hazardous areas, Turck Inc. (Minneapolis, Minn.) recently introduced multibox NAMUR junction boxes and cordsets. These junction boxes come with one or two circuits per port, with common positive or isolated circuits. Turck is also exhibiting its new multimodul MK36-11Ex0 potentiometer amplifier, which isolates and transmits potentiometer signals from hazardous areas. This amplifier accepts all potentiometers in the 800 to 20,000 ohms range.

Coaxial valves replace motor driven

Co-Ax coaxial valves from springer co-ax Inc. (Penndel, Pa.) are direct-acting, solenoid valves that replace conventional motor-driven valves for controlling liquids, gases, vacuum, and media with pasty, gelatinous, aggressive, or abrasive properties. Co-Ax valves incorporate a process valve and an actuator in one unit with only one moving part, which saves installation, space, and maintenance costs.

Interactive itineraries available online

Failing to plan means planning to have tired feet at ISA Expo/2000 and IMS Expo 2000. Fortunately, attendees can visit

Visitors can examine an interactive map of the convention center, including descriptions of each exhibitor, which can be accessed by clicking on boxes representing their booths. Attendees can also search for specific products and companies, and automatically transfer those they want to visit into an online schedule.

However, this web site’s most useful feature may be that it allows visitors to contact exhibitors and set up specific appointments in advance of the two shows.