Compact logic-based controllers

Schneider Electric's next-generation MachineStruxure is a comprehensive suite of compact logic-based controllers for hardwired applications, CANopen communication, and modular architectures.

September 8, 2014

Schneider Electric’s next-generation MachineStruxure includes three compact logic-based controllers—the Modicon M221, Modicon M241, and Modicon M251.

The Modicon M221 is targeted at hardwired applications, the Modicon M241 is designed for CANopen communication, and the Modicon M251 is optimized for distributed and modular architectures. These compact controllers have straightforward engineering, extensive embedded communication capabilities, and scalability. Each controller features standard interfaces such as Ethernet, a USB port for programming, and a serial interface. Embedded web servers give these controllers extensive built-in connectivity without requiring optional add-ons. Both the Modicon M221 and Modicon M241 are equipped with I/O terminals and a pulse/direction interface.

All three models provide data handling via QR codes displayed directly on products. The controllers can be accessed via Bluetooth enabled devices and can be remotely accessed via the SCADA Touch application, Webvisu, or a Weportal.

Schneider Electric 

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