CompactPCI board: single or dual MPC7448 processing

By Control Engineering Staff February 27, 2007

Interface Concept offers a new CompactPCI / 6U board, the IC-xe6-cPCIb, with one or two Freescale 1.4 GHz MPC7448 PowerPC processors.

Briec-de-l — Interface Concept , said to be a European leading designer, developer and manufacturer of embedded boards, unveils a new high-performance CompactPCI / 6U board, the IC-xe6-cPCIb, powered by one or two Freescale ‘s most advanced 1.4 GHz MPC7448 PowerPC processors.

This new single- or dual-processor SBC, being PICMG2.16 compliant, is ideal for use in defense, aeronautics, transportation, and medical fields in which high-performance processing application is required in combination with low power consumption and large communications capabilities. To complete the processor, the board implements a Marvell Discovery III chipset (MV64460). This chip includes major enhancements such as: data streaming on MPX bus, read memory latency, and cache coherency improvements. The MV64460 adds, on-chip, 2 Mbits of high speed burst SRAM, two XOR DMA (useful for RAID, iSCSI), and four IDMA engines. The memory banks are made of up to 2 GB of DDR-ECC SDRAM, up to 256 MB Mirror Flash, and up to 1 GB of soldered N and Flash. A quad UART provides four additional asynchronous channels available on P2 connector. The 64-bit PCI/PCI-X bridge allows the IC-xe6-cPCIb to handle two PMC slots with PnIO routed to J3/J5.

The company made the announcement at the Embedded World 2007 show in Nuremberg, Germany.

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—Control Engineering Daily News DeskEdited by Mark T. Hoske , editor in chief