Company celebrates 75th anniversary, announces remote monitoring software

Lenze celebrated it's 75th anniversary and discussed the state of the marketplace, as well as announcing a new product

By Tyler Wall October 27, 2022
Courtesy of: CFE Media

Lenze celebrated their 75th anniversary in Hameln, Germany, and held an executive conference for their clients that highlighted the current era of digital transformation, global inflation and how they are handling the ongoing supply chain crisis. At the end, Lenze CEO Christian Wendler announced their new product: Nupano.

The underlying theme of Lenze’s executive conference was “the courage of change.” This is meant to inspire others to take changes head-on and evolve with the times. They have a goal of continuing to increase workplace diversity.

At this event, the speakers talked about the world economy and what Lenze is doing to help push back against Inflation and ongoing world crises. Wendler said, “Even in a turbulent market environment, automation will remain a winning sector in the coming years.”

In 2023, Lenze is projected to be a one-billion-dollar company. They are continuing to expand further into the Americas and into southeast Asia. As it pertains to the supply chain, Lenze is working closely with their suppliers to ensure they are getting the necessary products as fast as possible.

Within the event, Lenze had several breakout sessions to discuss varying topics. One of the more popular breakouts was about digital transformation. In this talk, the theme was that there is nothing that can stop digital transformation. However, there are ways we can help shape what it looks like in our world. Along with this, having more data at a business’s disposal is giving them more knowledge to work with, whether that be working to reduce downtime or be more efficient on the plant floor.

At the end of the event, Lenze announced their new product for businesses: Nupano, which is a software meant to simplify industrial control system monitoring and aide in IT/OT convergence. This service will reduce the amount of training needed for a machine operator to perform maintenance on a system. Werner Paulin, head of new automation technology, talked about the product, saying that “Lenze’s open automation platform is a key technology that can be used without any prior knowledge of IT [information technology].”

While there is no noted date that this is available, Nupano has the potential to be another essential tool in a business’s toolbelt.

Author Bio: Tyler Wall is an associate editor for CFE Media and Technology