Company uses IoT to control 10,000 construction machines

Wipro used a telematics system to connect 10,000 construction machines with the Internet of Things (IoT) that is designed to monitor real-time health and performance of the resources used.

By Chandni Sembhi April 10, 2016

JCB’s Livelink telematics system used the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect over 10,000 construction machines with equipment, such as backhoe loaders, compact wheel loaders, and excavators. Livelink was designed and installed on Wipro’s cloud-based industrial asset platform. Wipro’s After Markets solution team, part of the manufacturing and hi-tech strategic business unit (SBU), has formed a team with specialist partners to provide the solution as well as support. 

IoT predictive analytics

Livelink allows JCB to monitor real-time health and performance of their resources. The predictive capability allows stake holders to collaborate in guaranteeing availability of the resource and increasing value derived from it. The solution’s geo-fencing prevents misuse and theft of their resources, while allowing owners to administer contract compliance.

Vipin Sondhi, CEO and managing director, JCB India Limited said: "Through a combination of strong technology expertise and excellent program management capabilities, Wipro has provided end-to-end integrated support to enable this milestone for our customers."

S. Bala, CEO, manufacturing & hi-tech industry SBU, Wipro Limited said: "The IoT presents a huge opportunity for industrial manufacturers worldwide, and this platform is one of the few live cases. Today, we are delighted to have over 10,000 JCB machines across India, running successfully on Wipro’s cloud-based industrial Internet platform."

The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) has been labelled as a multi-billion market opportunity, with manufacturers around the world looking at ways to digitalize their plants to make them more automated and thus more efficient and profitable.

In the U.S., the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) is trying to push this technological concept worldwide, while in Germany the government is driving IIoT through its Industrie 4.0 initiative. Companies such as GE have already embraced IIoT, with vendors including IBM and Tieto now fighting to provide IIoT platforms and services to manufacturers that are now looking to adopt.

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