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By Control Engineering Staff February 1, 2010


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Control Engineering Awards and Recognition page has more information about subscriber voting for Engineers’ Choice Awards Finalists. 

Below are the categories and links to prior winners of the Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Awards. These highlight some of the best new control, instrumentation and automation products as chosen by Control Engineering ‘s print and online subscribers.  Survey respondents were asked to select products based on technological advancement, service to the industry, and market impact.

Link to the 2012 finalists, honorable mentions, and winners of the Engineers’ Choice Awards

See the Control Engineering 2011 Engineers’ Choice Award winners.

See the Control Engineering 2011 Engineers’ Choice Award Honorable Mentions.

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Control Engineering 2010 Engineers’ Choice Awards: Winning Technologies.

Winners of the Control Engineering Engineers’ Choice Awards for 2010 are in the following categories (click into each to see winners):

– Process Control – Flowmeters; instrumentation and actuators; power monitoring; power protection; process sensors and transmitters; control systems, analysis, and process control; and process safety;

– Discrete Control – Machine safety, machine vision, PACs, and PLCs;

– Motion Control – Drives, motion control, and motors;

– Software – Application software; connectivity software; dashboard software – energy; dashboard software-general; design, simulation, diagnostics; and HMI software;

– Hardware – HMI hardware, industrial PCs, and integrated HMI-controller; and

– Network Integration – Data integration appliance, Ethernet hardware, I/O systems – wireless, network hardware, wireless I/O controllers, and wireless products – general.

Control Engineering 2010 Engineers Choice Awards Honorable Mentions .

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Link to the 2008 Award Winners Print Supplement, Digital Edition

Winning Technologies, Engineers’ Choice 2008

Coming soon: 2013 Engineers’ Choice Award CALL FOR ENTRIES, for automation products newly available in North America between December 2011 and November 2012.

Note : The date sequence of the awards was changed for 2010 so that the award year reflects the year in which the awards are announced, rather than the year in which the products were introduced (as has been the practice in the past). As such there are no "2009" award recipients.

2008 New Product Compendium
Table of Product Award Nominees, with links to company websites
Networks and Communications Protocols
Process Instrumentation and Control Components
Motors, Drives and Motion Control
Machine and Embedded Control
HMIs and Industrial PCs
Application and Programming Software
Process and Advanced Control Systems
2008 Award Winners and Honorable Mentions
Application and Programming Software
HMIs and Industrial PCs
Motors, Drives and Motion Control
Networks and Communications
Machine and Embedded Control
Process Instrumentation and Sensors
Process and Advanced Control
Summary of 2008 Winners newsletter
Earlier Editors’ Choice and Engineers’ Choice award winners
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2007 New Product Nominees
Seal of Approval: Best Technologies of 2005
2004 Editors’ Choice Awards

 2004 Engineers’ Choice Winners

Control Engineering Editors Choice Award archive, list of winners, 1987-2003 .