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2008 January – Closing the Skills Gap February – Cover 3D Does It March – Cover Fieldbus: Growing Globally April – Cover Going Green Again…
May – Cover Safety Sensors Rise to New Heights June – Cover Electrical Design Software July – Automation, IT Find Teamwork Pays August-Cover Automation, IT Find Teamwork Pays
September – Cover
Upgrading Control: Migration or Evolution?
October – Cover GM’s Net Keeps Production Moving November – Cover Industrial Machining Embraces Nano Positioning December – Cover Direct-Drive Linear Motion Matures

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Control Engineering – December 01, 2008 – North American print edition table of contents Index
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Cover Story
Direct-Drive Linear Motion Matures
This distinct motion technology eliminates all rotary-to-linear conversion devices between motor and load–such as ball screws, gear boxes, rack-and-pinions, and belts – to obtain high-dynamic performance in a growing number of applications.

Global Perspective – IO Link: Sensor to Automation System Communication
Challenges of Temperature Sensing
Product Research: Machine Vision Eyes a Healthy Tomorrow

Inside Machines
Open-source Software: Controlling Japan’s Top Particle Accelerator
Picking a Controller Technology:

Supplement: Automation in Packaging
Cross-study comparison
Integrators play central role in packaging automation
Packagers suggest integration improvements
Integrators have their say

Application Update: Wireless I/O stamps out press machine downtime
HART Plant of the Year: heavy crude upgrader in Venezuela
Back to Basics:
By the Numbers
Editorial: Economics and engineering careers
Insight: ‘DONA’ forget about security
Product Exclusive
-Supervise industrial Ethernet networks via Web browser
-Low-cost PLC/HMI with direct temperature inputs
-Print tags, markers for direct mounting onto devices, cables, terminal blocks
Think Again: Sustainability advice, tips

Use the 2008 Economic Stimulus Act to automate
Energy sectors bolster instrumentation and systems sales
Technology expected to play critical role in Obama administration policies
New cyber security blog tackles DCS, SCADA vulnerabilities
History of industrial wireless
Advanced metering, power monitoring for U.S. Marines, Navy
CERN accident findings released
What makes a system open?
NEMA offers free download of interactive standards and products guide

Products and Software
Temperature data logger
PAC for complex machines
Offline robot programming software

Control Engineering 2009 Automation Integrator Guide (December 2008 supplement)

Control Engineering Automation Integrator Guide 2009
Cover Story
System Integrator of the
Editorial: May we have your vote?
What you’ll find in this guide
Partnership develops first-of-its-kind document-handling control system
Gantry-Style Automated Accumulation
From IT integration to panel building, one mine at a time
Hatching distributed automation architectures
Packaging supplier solves its ice cream headaches
Automation System Integrator Guide, directory to automation integrators

Control Engineering – November 01, 2008 – North American print edition table of contents Index
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Cover Story Industrial Machining Embraces Nano Positioning
Where several ten-thousandths of an inch was once considered to be high precision, some applications now require the ability to reach sub-micron levels.
Embedded Control:
Process Safety Sensors:
Product Research:
Inside Process
-Get the Most HMI for the Dollar
-Analyzing Critical Flow Measurements
-Economics of Fault-Tolerant Fieldbus Wiring
Supplement – Sustainable Engineering
-Materials Use Reduction via Advanced Process Control
-A Step Ahead of Regulations
-Safety: Protecting People, Processes, and Brand
-Engineers Weigh In On Sustainability
-Supersizing Our Way to Energy Inefficiency
Back to Basics:
By the Numbers
Product Exclusive
-4 signal conditioner channels, 1-in. footprint
-Scalable, animated Web HMI applications
-More network diagnostic tools: eNetMeter
Technology Update
-New direction for industrial Ethernet cabling
-Symbolic computation delivers advances for model creation
Think Again: Humans vs. technology
-Northern Illinois University partners with AutomationDirect for new student lab
-Your own home fuel cell plant: Electricity, heat, hot water
-NEMA approves of energy efficiency portion of financial bailout package
-Engineering-driven Ethernet
-Security module addresses government SCADA concerns
-OPC Foundation to release analyzer devices integration draft specification
-Wireless: Create stronger connections today
-Wonderware focuses on front-line innovation
-Top 5 things you need to know about process safety
-PLC/PAC product research information revised
-World’s largest robot?
Products and Software
-OptoAcoustic gas leak detector
-Motor control center with TeSys T motor management controller
-Simple liquid level detection with floater actuator
-Slim safety light curtains provide heavy-duty protection
-Proficy Process Systems for smaller applications, OEMS
-Standalone Ethernet hub extends segments up to 200m
-3D mechanical computer-aided design software
Control Engineering – October 01, 2008 – North American print edition table of contents Index
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Cover Story GM’s Net Keeps Production Moving
When designing its global command and control network, General Motors executives’ first priority was supporting production operations.
Ideas In Automation:
Process Control:
Intrinsically Safe or Explosion Proof?
Product Research:
Inside Machines
-More Precision, Faster Setup for Die Grinding Machine
-Targeting Tumors with Motion Control
Supplement – Ethernet
Engineering-Driven Ethernet
Real-time Ethernet Applications
Don’t Rip Out Your Legacy Network
Gigabit Ethernet: Is the Time Right?
Academic Viewpoint
Advancing Technology IPM motors for highest energy efficiency
Application Update
Back to Basics Robotics tutorial: More diversity, functionality
By the Numbers
Industrial Ethernet Nesher Cement rolls with Modbus TCP, real-time control
Insight Rules for software success
Product Exclusive
-Modular I/O system for network expansion
-Power factor transducers
Talkback SCADA system security
Think Again
Behind the new touch screens
World’s largest high-speed VFD
Uninterruptible power supply cuts manufacturer’s downtime
Industrial Ethernet security issues
Can smart instruments help predictive maintenance?
IEC approves WirelessHART
Control programming made easier
Plant floor interoperability standard released
Planning your DCS migration
Tutorial: Vortex shedding flowmeters
Mitsubishi releases 3 CNC machines
New technologies, applications, and industrial partnerships featured on CEtv
Particle size analyzer cuts energy use
Products and Software
UPS with multi-position power distribution unit
Analyze real time Ethernet networks
Modular tachometer with dual display
Torque sensor offers testing conveniences
Sanitary and industrial RTD assemblies
LEDs illuminate magnetic level gages
Multiphase flow simulation in MS Excel spreadsheets
5-port industrial Ethernet switch
High-temperature UV flame detector
Troubleshoot networks with wireless measurements
Web-based SCADA software
Simplify control of asynch motors
Vision system software speeds system design
Compact buck-boost regulators
High-performance COM Express computer-on-modules
Building-block style Cartesian motion systems
Control Engineering – September 01, 2008 – North American print edition table of contents
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Cover Story
Upgrading Control: Migration or Evolution?
At a recent automation supplier user group, a speaker cited an interesting statistic. He said that 50% of the DCS (distributed control system) platforms running process plants today are at least 20 years old. Knowing that, it isn’t hard to understand why control system upgrades are on many peoples’ minds as companies face growing cost and competitive pressures.
Machine Vision Smart Cameras Resolve Control Issues
PLC: 40th Anniversary
Product Research: Programmable Logic Controllers, Programmable Automation Controllers
RF Wireless: RFID for Industry
Software PLM: 3D Process Simulation Delivers
Inside Process
-Technology Driven Beer Production
-Keeping the Juice Flowing
-Sweetening Ethanol, Sugar Mix
Back to Basics Multivariable controllers balance competing objectives
By the Numbers
Editorial Offshore all manufacturing?
Insight You can knock, but you can’t get in
Integrator Update
-Molded Parts: Stamp, Place, Remove, Inspect
-Gateway to process automation
Legalities Negotiating ‘take it or leave it’ contracts
Product Exclusive
-Wireless 802.11g I/O adapter
-Fiber-optic-ready EtherCAT modules
Talkback Encoder calibration, safety audit
Technology Update
Think Again Get smart with controls
Tutorial podcast: Planning motion control projects
WirelessHART compliance verification receiver available
Five critical economic indicators for manufacturers
Podcast: Follow a migration in progress
PTO reports high growth, cross-industry collaboration
Standards: A few tips to help get your point across
New, efficient industrial gas turbines coming
What process control applications are suitable for wireless?
What’s holding up use of hydrogen as a fuel?
NIWeek: WiFi, Ethernet, and LabVIEW 8.6
Rising material, energy costs concern North American manufacturers
ISA Expo: Sensors help define cold fusion
Products and Software
Digital readouts for gauging
Vertical I/O for DeltaV system offers plant lifecycle savings
PC/104 single-board computer with AMD processor
ControlLogix interface to building automation systems
Vibration monitoring and measurement solutions
New Phasec 3 Series eddy current flaw detectors
PID controller supports ramp/soak control
SCADA system resistance temperature detector
Manifold mount cartridge valves
Benchtop wire cutter, stripper
Purge/pressurization system for corrosive, explosive areas
Rugged USB 2.0 cables, connectors
DIN-rail power supplies meet European directives
Control Engineering – August 01, 2008 – North American print edition table of contents Index
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Cover Story
Automation, IT Find Teamwork Pays
Controls and information system personnel are building joint teams that are optimizing manufacturing operations in new ways. Business pressures and technology advances both enable and encourage the collaboration.
Actuating Safety
Partial Stroke Testing
Machine Vision Inspection Systems Benefit from High-tech Components
Motion Control: How Encoders Make Automated Motion Safe
Product Research: Flowmeters, users buy more; new technologies
Inside Compliance
-Driving Quality With Compliance
-Cleaning Mercury from Power Plants
-Integrating Environmental Processes
Inside Machines
-Demystifying ZigBee and its Application
-Motion Controller Accelerates NASCAR

Automation in Packaging
-Packaging Automation Benchmark Study: Packagers speak out
-Packaging Automation Benchmark Study: Shifting safety responsibilities
-Packaging Automation Benchmark Study: It’s a small world for OEMs
-Packaging Automation Benchmark Study, Part 2: Machine builders influence, interpret packagers’ needs
Wireless Communications for Industry
-Industrial Wireless Implementation Guide
-Wireless Level Monitoring
-Proximity Sensing Via Wireless Network
-Survey Says: Users Demand Wireless Monitoring, Control Products
Advancing Technology The hunt for 60+% thermal efficiency
Back to Basics Data acquisition: get it right
By the Numbers
Editorial The persistence of U.S. engineering
Global Perspective Automated Olympics
Industrial Ethernet Ethernet communication tips
Insight Data deletion, or letting go is hard to do
Product Exclusive Distributed controller has Profinet
Talkback Industrial exemption, eCAD
Technology Update ‘Cool’ design for power supplies
Think Again Have use for 10,000 robots?
Honeywell wireless equipment ready for ISA 100
Automation acquisitions update
OMAC revises name and mission
Cybersecurity podcasts focus on industrial concerns
RTU logs data to USB devices
Wind power demand drives Siemens expansion
Barcode scanners tutorial offered
Speedier production management application development
Embedded controllers increase performance
Eliminating diagnostic delays
RFID security breach
NEMA, EEI offer energy efficiency help to utilities
Products and Software
Data for dashboards without IT
‘Ring scanner’ reads bar codes
Speed control I/O for pump, fan motors
Handheld test, calibration
Mini-joystick for industrial applications
IP30-rated wireless LAN access points
For dc electric fastening
Industrial USB to serial adapters
Desktop process analysis; Experion upgrade
IP-67-rated sensor actuator interfaces
Control Engineering – July 01, 2008 – North American print edition table of contents

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Cover Story
Modeling in motion
The convergence of mechanical, electrical, and software engineering is changing the face of motion control design and development. This tutorial shows how.
Process Control
Product Research Operator Interface Outlook Clear, Bright
Rugged HMIs Solid HMI Connections, Sealed Edges Prove Tough Enough
Inside Process
-Integrating Asset Management and Maintenance
-VFDs Speed Up Wastewater Processing
-Optimizing Pump Energy Use
Back to Basics
By the Numbers
Editorial Rise of the rest
-European debut of intrinsic safety breakthrough
-Manufacturing in the clouds
Market Update Subscribers weather economic times well
Product Exclusive
-Ethernet cable redundancy
-Three-in-one wireless device
Technology Update Fast, flexible terminal blocks
Inside Business Software tools boost OEE
Think Again Innovate like Thomas Edison
Industrial PC goes embedded
Control valves certified SIL 3
GenICam, GigE Vision standards update
RSTechED conference report
Get lean, get automation, get help
Cyclical manufacturing trend or fundamental concern?
Which safety technologies protect the most machines?
2008 Honeywell User Group meeting overview
Hand-held test, pressure calibration system
Microcontrollers with Flash
Manufacturing 2.0
Products and Software
Ultrasonic level transmitter/switch
Inverted SCARA robot for packaged goods
DC-UPS with voltage multiplier circuit
Redundant data acquisition
Pressure sensors for hazardous areas
Monitor pressure in hydraulic, pneumatic apps
MCUs with low power consumption
Control Engineering – June 01, 2008 – North American print edition table of contents index
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Cover Story
Electrical Design Software
Use of electrical CAD software is driving productivity gains for panel builders, system integrators and end users by adding layers of intelligence to two-dimensional drawings.
Asset Management Anatomy of Steam Plant
Embedded Control Single Board Computers for Control Applications
Motor Control Silence of the Drives
Product Research DC Power Supplies
Safety Certification
Inside Food and Beverage
-Dairy Processor Stays Flexible
-JavaBot: Automating Coffee?
-Giving Chocolate its Crunch
-Keeping Tabs on Coca-Cola Production
Inside Machines
-PCs Cover Coating System Control
-Modeling Hybrid Control Systems
-Off-the-Shelf PLC Optimizes Motion Control Functionality
-Auto Plant Modernization Features Controls Refit
Application Update See the unseen: Power data diagnostics
Back to Basics Soft starter designs, functions
By the Numbers
Industrial Ethernet End user initiatives, safety dominate panel discussions
-Energy-efficiency dominates Germany’s Hannover Fair
-Your personal downturn plan
Product Exclusive
-Small reader knows many codes
-Power supply reduces footprint
Talkback In pursuit of engineering, fieldbus
Technology Update
Think Again Trust: Set it, forget it
FIRST Robotics Championship
Siemens’ exiderdome prepares for U.S. tour
Firewall device creates its own rules
Why are PID loops so difficult to master?
SmartSignal, General Physics deal focuses on expertise exchange
CSIA conference sets record
Rockwell to acquire Incuity Software
OPC for embedded applications
Connecting sensors, embedded devices on low-power networks
Environmental stewardship featured in new CETV video
Products and Software
Pushbutton control components
Mining system reduces ground currents
On/off limit controllers
HMI fits in 6 in. cutouts
80-inch control room display
Modular, I/O-intensive single-board computers
WirelessHART OEM Acceleration program
Open-path detection system
IEEE 802.15.4 product joins other wireless technology
Split power from PoE to Ethernet devices, transmit up to 328 feet
Hot-plug-enabled portable HMI
Flowmeters with dual interchangeable scales
Control Engineering – May 01, 2008 – North American print edition table of contents

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Cover Story
Safety Sensors Rise to New Heights
An integrated safety system, like any control system, contains sensors, logic, and actuation, with I/O connections, networks, and software to tie it altogether. As connected sensors advance in functionality and fall in cost, redundancy and fail-safe designs reduce risk.
2008 Salary Survey
Control Performance
Information Control PLCs and DCSs Converge
Networking Plugging into Network Certification
Product Research
Inside Process
-Manufacturing Control Systems Bridge Production and IT
-Steam Distribution Metering Solved
-Quantifying Cyber Security Risk
-Drag Racers Log Sensor Data
Application Update
-High-quality HMI access goes where it’s needed most
-Upgrade delivers spare parts
Back to Basics NIST…it’s not just for calibration
By the Numbers
Editorial You can go home again
-Vietnamese thirst for knowledge
-What business can learn from manufacturing
Product Exclusive Ethernet, wireless, temperature, humidity monitoring
Talkback Self tuning has its limits
Technology Upate Manage legacy system assets with HART
Think Again More interoperability, less effort
GE Fanuc to acquire MTL open systems technology
Online Newswire
Manufacturers express optimism
ISA100.11a: the 4-20 mA standard for the 21st Century
Adaptive control surpassing PID
Motor drives sales parallel rising energy concerns
Data risk for RS-485 users?
Engineering masters degree online
Cyber security interview with SANS executive
Products and Software
Zelio relay products enhanced
Gigabit Ethernet, PoE hardware
RoHS-compliant temperature, limit controllers
General machine drive line extended
Hinge safety interlock switches
SNMP-managed fiber Ethernet switches
Hydrogen flowmeter for hazardous areas
Advertiser Supplement
-Shedding Light on Machine Vision
-Machine Vision
-Vision Sensors Error-Proof Oil Cap Assembly
-Machine Vision Comes of Age
-Vision for Process Control

Control Engineering – April 01, 2008 – North American print edition table of contents

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Cover Story
Going Green Again…
Concerns about energy efficiency and environmental practices are back and gaining momentum, so automation vendors and their customers are helping ensure that manufacturing is one of the greenest sectors of the economy.
Going Global Globalizing Process Engineering
Product Research Handheld Testing
Wireless Control Wireless Control Sets Automated Vehicles Free
Inside Energy
-Combining Cyber and Physical Security
-Implementing Smart Grid Solutions
-Keeping a Lid On Blowouts
Inside Machines
-Ethernet Connectivity For Pipe Organs
-Knowledge and Focus are Key for Effective Safety Audit
-Sensor-Driven Error Proofing
Automation in Packaging
-Packaging Automation Benchmark Study, Part 1: Change is constant
-Packaging Automation Study: A Focus on Packagers
-Packaging Automation Study: Market Challenges
-Packaging Automation Study: Opportunities For Improvement
-Packaging Automation Study: Future Prospects
Advancing Technology Life after flash memory
Application Update Laser safety scanner adapts to AGVs
Back to Basics Network gateways
By the Numbers
Editorial Economics and the environment
Industrial Ethernet
-Energy projects head Europe’s green activities
-Enterprise search creates role of content manager
Product Exclusive
-Secure industrial cellular modem
-Electric monorail system
Soapbox Control your energy destiny
Talkback Green motors, copper wires and more
Technology Update
Think Again Help students in the STEM game
Stunning designs: SolidWorks announces winners of second annual student design contest
Google Lunar X PRIZE brings the moon to the masses, announces ten new teams
Wago expands North American headquarters
Automation Federation reviews progress, readies agenda for coming year
GE expands and extends SOA offering
Less flight vibration, better pictures for world’s largest infrared telescope
Beijer, Wonderware partnership delivers Windows CE operator panels
New mechatronics videos on CEtv
Schneider Electric makes donation to enhance workforce safety
Products and Software
3-phase power measurement
Measure very fast pressure transients
High-performance kit encoder
Flat panel monitors for marine conditions
Temperature/humidity monitoring tools
Rugged handheld data terminal
C series multi-loop controller
Wireless pressure switch
Microprocessor-based digital potentiometer
Microsoft’s embedded offerings extended
SCADA module for RTU product line
Flowmeters for low liquid flow rates
Safety mats with quick cable disconnects
Safety relay contact expansion modules
Control Engineering – March 01, 2008 – North American print edition table of contents

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Cover Story
Fieldbus: Growing Globally
While considered mainstream technology, fieldbus adoption in process industries is still far from commonplace. The picture for users remains upbeat, but incomplete in many respects. Why?
Process Control
Product Research
Safe Machines Safety: Tale of Two Applications
Tutorial The Culinary Art of Mechatronics
Inside Process
-Models Aid Controller Design
-Video for Process Control
-Quantifying Cyber Security Risk
Global Manufacturing Trends
-2007 marks a year of success, progress and prosperity in Russia
-Going green: Automation is key to China’s aggressive energy plans
-Infrastructure opportunities abundent in Asia
-Connecting plant and enterprise: more than Ethernet and databases
-Manufacturing in Poland: Creating a “mini-China” in Europe
-Europe: “The first economy of the low-carbon age”
Back to Basics Building block diagrams
By the Numbers
It’s a green world
-Japan considers EtherCAT, other networks
-‘Low-tech’ IT solution for paperwork
Product Exclusive
-HMI with remote Internet control
-HMI software: One-tag creation
Talkback Engineering inspiration
Technology Update
-Crush control optimizes wine production
-Ensuring OPC interoperability, security
Think Again Tour: Guess the company…answers, photos
ABB and MIT go green to inspire
Control Engineering launches redesigned website
Industrial control shipments finish strong in ’07
Japanese research satellite to use magnetic read only memory (MRAM) to hunt sprites in the upper-atmosphere Industry leadership updates: ABB, Apprion
OMAC unveils corporate membership program
Dataforth engineers overcome the aliasing “gremlin”
Professor receives $50,000 Honda grant to develop holographic instrument panel controls
Digital factory interface: XML control logic standard accepted by AutomationML
Products and Software
Extended temperature PC/104-Plus computer
Slim industrial Ethernet switch
Print Product Exclusive: HMI/SCADA solves tough projects
RTD instrument claims instant results
Ethernet radio provides secure I/O
VME/VXS board boasts PowerPC, FPGA
Secure data recording
Tire making quality control
Compact magnetic encoder
Flat panel controller provides power options
Active harmonic filter addresses power quality
New ZigBee module combines high range with ultra-low power
Control Engineering – February 01, 2008 – North American print edition table of contents

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Cover Story
3D Does It
Could 2008 be the year that control engineers finally get what they need from product lifecycle management (PLM) software? Three-dimensional modeling and work cell simulation are providing real benefits today. Automotive OEMs and aerospace firms are pushing for more functionality, and demanding their suppliers join in the pursuit.
Embedded Systems Potential Power Picks
Machine Design On-Machine Controls
Measuring Pressure Pressure Sensor Technologies
Product Research Process Automation Systems
Inside Machines
-Get the Most out of your Machine-Safety Audit
-Automated System Improves Catalytic Converter Production
-Relays: Far from Dead
Inside Pharmaceutical
-Building Manufacturing Efficiency
-New Plant Faces Automation Challenges
-Integrating Enterprise and Plant IT Functions
2007 Engineers’ Choice Awards
-Technology Leaders
-2007 New Product Nominees
-Winners: Instrumentation & Control Components
-Winners: Process and Advanced Control
-Winners: Application and Programming Software
-Winners: Human Machine Interface and Industrial PCs
-Winners: Motors, Motion Control & Drives
-Winners: Networks/Communication Hardware & Software
-Winners: Machine and Embedded Control
Advancing Technology Enhancing motor harmony
Back to Basics Medium voltage drives
By the Numbers
Editorial Thriving through innovation
Industrial Ethernet Broad River Dam: 3 control levels
-Manufacturing in Brazil: Personal account, advice
-Capacity and constraints
Legalities Avoid this $2.5 million error
Product Exclusive
-Embedded PC can be PLC
-Control, monitoring software
Talkback Engineering passion, OEE ideas
Technology Update
-Controllers evolve as information needs grow
-Graphics options: Near, far, multi-display
Think Again Top 20 of 2007
Expanding ERP connectivity
Budget cuts hit Fermilab hard
Advanced computing: Optical packet switch from Endicott Interconnect Technologies delivers 2.5 terabits/sec
Opto 22 awards first “OptoGreen” grant
Mechatronics market posts gangbuster growth
Partnering for cyber security
CSIA boosts membership and global reach
IEEE-USA: Focus on innovation, education in ’08
GE Fanuc Intelligent Platforms enhances batch processing software
Products and Software
Multiphase flow simulation
Combustible gas detector
Mechanical relay with arc suppression
Programmable I/O card
RFID gateway module
Dust-resistant flow sensors
Industrial Ethernet cabling
Control Engineering – January 01, 2008

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Cover Story
Closing the Skills Gap
The U.S. industrial sector has seen its fair share of changes and challenges during the past several decades. Throughout it all, however, manufacturers have been able to rely on a steady supply of fresh talent — particularly in the engineering sector — to fuel innovation and hone our competitive edge.
Green Manufacturing Energy as a Process Variable
Machine Control Signal Conditioning for PC-Based Control
Product Research
Inside Process
-Ammonia Plant Reduces Gas Consumption
-Advanced Technology Exceeds Expectations
-Optical Fibers Need Critical Process Control
Application Update
Back to Basics Overall Equipment Effectiveness
By the Numbers
Inside Business
-CNC open architectures
-Mathematics of information
Product Exclusive
-Secure WiFi for any electronic device
-Dual-line 6-digit process meter
-Photoelectric sensor in metal housing
Think Again That was easy? Standard profits
Rockwell Automation, Dassault Systemes partner
Westinghouse, Emerson join for nuclear plants
ABB joins North American PTO
Baldor helps Dolphins make big impression
Promoting engineering to girls
SERCOS III unanimously accepted as IEC standard
‘Going green’ can be good for business
Products and Software
Immersion-rated data carrier system
Chilled mirror hygrometer
Industrial Ethernet switch
Servomotors with higher moment of inertia
Portable hot stamp wire marker
wLAN serial port adapters
PC-based numerical control
Submersible transmitter
Inch-wide Ethernet distributed I/O modules
Extra-large display meter shows process data
Footswitches and pushbuttons
Insertion style turbine meters
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