Control Engineering presents – What is a Risk Assessment?

By Control Engineering Staff October 14, 2005

October 14, 2005

In this issue:

  • What is a Risk Assessment?
  • Skip Risk Assessment at Your Peril
  • The Time Has Come to Trust Safety-Rated PLCs
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What is a Risk Assessment?

By Scott Krumwiede, RWD Technologies

A risk assessment is a formal process that must be followed to evaluate safety risk potentials throughout all modes and operations of a machine. This process identifies the potential problems that could injure the operator, maintenance personnel, or even individuals walking past a machine. Read more

Skip Risk Assessment at Your Peril

Companies would not run their businesses without insurance. The consequences are far too high. So why would they gamble with the health of their employees and businesses by not conducting risk assessments on their machinery? Read more

The Time Has Come to Trust Safety-Rated PLCs

Safety PLCs combine the functionality of a control system with a safety system in one controller, allowing manufacturers to greatly reduce machine life cycle costs. Only one programming language is needed for both control and safety circuits. Read more

Click here to find out how companies are increasing productivity and efficiency with Siemens Simplified Safety. Learn how understanding safety standards can reduce the cost of ownership and enhance the bottom line. Take a step-by-step, standards based guide to assess safety risks at your plant. It’s all just a click away.
Technology Spotlight

Safety networks offer considerable advantages over hard-wired safety systems. AS-Interface Safety at Work (ASIsafe) offers connectivity of both standard and safe field devices over a single two-conductor yellow cable and connects to any PLC platform. Compliance with NFPA 79 and certified to IEC 61508 by TUV for applications up to Cat. 4 and SIL 3.

Learn more
Risk Assessment, How to Become an Expert
In today’s complex and litigious environment, the identification, evaluation, and reduction of safety risks is not an option. A risk assessment will determine the scope of the required safety systems needed to protect personnel and machines from possible injury or damage.
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