Control room design: 140-inch pre-packaged LED screen

Control room designs now have a new option: a 140-inch-diagonal light-emitting diode (LED) monitor.

By Control Engineering Staff January 8, 2008

Control room designs now have a new option: a 140-inch-diagonal light-emitting diode (LED) monitor packaged to make installation easier and more efficient than with custom-made LED screens. The Resolia LED screen from Mitsubishi Digital Electronics America’s Presentation Products Division is designed primarily for applications including billboard advertising or informational displays in airports, sports arenas, and casinos.

“At 140 inches diagonal, the Resolia may join Mitsubishi Electric’s line of record-holding LED screens, which include The Guinness Book of Records holder for the longest LED screen in Hong Kong; the largest high-definition outdoor display screen at Turner Field in Atlanta; and the overall largest TV screen in the world in Tokyo,” said James Chan, director of marketing, Mitsubishi’s presentation products division.

Unlike screens which are custom-built in-house, deconstructed for shipping, and reconstructed tile-by-tile, module-by-module, onsite, Resolia’s pre-packaged design permits quick installation and simple setup, according to the company.lled flat, inclined from walls, or hung from the ceiling. Larger viewing angles are 150 degrees horizontal and 120 degrees vertical.

The screen accepts an array of input computer or video signals, including HD-SDI for up to 1,080p high-definition imaging or SD-SDI for standard imaging signals. It comes with a digital screen controller that allows up to four input sources. A graphic user interface (GUI) comes with the controller to let users configure source content for a shared display of up to four simultaneous images, side-by-side images, or picture-in-picture style.

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