Control system with integrated Fieldbus diagnostics

Siemens' Simatic AFDiSD active field distributor features extended Fieldbus diagnostics that can be installed and allow users to access the latest information about their Fieldbus installation for information such as power, voltage and bus interruptions in real-time.

By Siemens April 15, 2016

Siemens’ Simatic AFDiSD active field distributor features extended fieldbus diagnostics for Profibus PA in the Simatic PCS 7. The Fieldbus can be installed and users can access the latest information about their Fieldbus installation for information such as power, voltage and bus interruptions in real-time. This enables users to identify potential disruptions and initiate counter-measures to enhance system availability. The extended Fieldbus diagnostics with Simatic AFDiSD is based on monitoring of the bus physics (physical layer information). Information such as current and voltage level is recorded and visualized. This makes it possible to identify faulty or unconnected field devices, to determine the exact location of bus interruptions and, if necessary, to repair them remotely. It is also possible to identify any changes in current without requiring additional third-party hardware or software tools.

Siemens Industry Inc. 

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