Controller combines single-axis controller, servo amplifier

Yaskawa's Sigma-7Siec is designed for automation applications that require the control of only one servo motor and offers an amplifier/controller combination.

By Yaskawa America, Inc. April 12, 2017

Yaskawa’s Sigma-7Siec, a unit that combines a Servopack servo amplifier with a one-axis motion controller, is designed for automation applications that require the control of only one servo motor. The Sigma-7Siec offers an amplifier/controller combination while using the smaller footprint of an individual amplifier, conserving space in tight control cabinets. Other features include EtherNet/IP and Modbus/TCP for connectivity, IEC 61131-3 programming, and programmable outputs to reduce panel cost and space requirements when only a few outputs are necessary. Third-party input/output (I/O) modules can be interfaced with the system and it has a built-in web server that eliminates the need for special monitoring/maintenance software. 

Yaskawa America, Inc. 

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