Coriolis metering for large lines with harsh fluids

By Control Engineering Staff September 13, 2005

CM Series Coriolis flowmeters from Fluid Components International reportedly provide high-accuracy flow measurement in large line sizes and harsh fluids.

San Marcos, CA—CM Series Coriolis flowmeters from Fluid Components International reportedly provide high accuracy measurements in large line sizes to 12 in., flow rates to 80,000 ppm (2,200 metric tons/hr), and applications in harsh, corrosive fluids.

According to FCI, Coriolis measurements have not been applied to many process applications because typical Coriolis meters have been limited to service in line sizes 6-in. or smaller and with benign fluids compatible with stainless steel. CM Series of devices, says FCI, overcomes these obstacles and expands the applications envelope for this technology.

Models CMM, CMU, and CMB are applicable in chemical, petrochemical, oil/gas, pharmaceutical, and food and beverage industries. They offer a compatible choice of standard wetter parts for fluids from acids and juices to corrosives, argon to chlorine, hydrogen to ammonia, and even phosgene. Available materials include 316 stainless steel, Hastelloy, Tantalum, Monel, nickel, titanium, carbon steel, and zirconium.

Series features a leading-edge Coriolis flow sensor and mechanical isolation that eliminates vibration effects, enhances measurement accuracy, and minimizes installation costs. Thick pipe-wall construction handles high-pressure applications as high as 12,000 psig (900 bar). Devices are designed for mass flow measurement service in liquids and gases in line sizes from 1/8-12 in. (3-300 m).

—Control Engineering Daily News DeskJeanine Katzel, senior editor,