Corrections – 1999-07-01

By Staff July 1, 1999
  • In the “Motion Control Tunes into AI Methods” article in CE, May’99, p. 77 (CEI, May’99, p. 46), Simovert ML drives were described incorrectly. They are multilevel GTO units (controlled by gate turn-off thyristors), not cycloconverter-fed units.

  • In the “Windows CE Moves from Pocket to Control” cover story in CE, May’99, p. 58 ( CEI, May’99, p. 42), two firms were inadvertently omitted from the “Windows CE and RTOS Suppliers” sidebar. These vendors are: Think&Do Software (Ann Arbor, Mich.), which is shipping products; and Advanced Technology&Research (Burtonsville, Md.), which announced and is showing computer numerical control products.