Cramming Oracle into 100 K Bytes

Encirq announced October 21st the availability of Encirq 2e Suite for data management in embedded systems and applications.

By Control Engineering Staff November 14, 2002

San Francisco, CA .n operate whether or not an embedded operating system is present.

Encirq 2e Suite provides a familiar, full function developer environment for developing sophisticated data management applications, at a price and size synonymous with embedded market expectations. Commencing with the equivalent of a full function Oracle-like database, the data management application is created using pre-defined, pre-tested database modules and then compiled into executable source code. Encirq 2e’s unique architecture also supports application life-cycle maintenance by providing a streaming data adapter between the sensor and the application and a communication adapter between the application and the communication media.

Thus an application developed for an intelligent digital valve controller, for example, could quickly and easily be changed to use a different communication media or different sensor without touching the application software.