Current, former CEOs of CSIA working on new initiatives for organization

José M. Rivera and Robert Lowe, the current and former CEOs of the Control System Integrators Association, respectively, have taken on their new roles with the organization with enthusiasm over the last few months.

By CSIA June 15, 2015

José M. Rivera, named CEO of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA), on March 23, has been very active in the early days of his tenure, He presided over the Executive Conference at Washington D.C. in late April and early May. He also attended the North American Manufacturing Enterprise Solutions Association (MESA) conference. The CSIA intends to collaborate with MESA and the U.S. Department of Energy on a manufacturing initiative.

While he has been busy, Rivera is enthusiastic about the experience. "In the past several weeks, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with a number of system integrators (SIs), attend the first day of a peer group meeting, meet with our staff in Madison and reach out to our partner members to seek their input on additional collaboration opportunities," he said. 

He was also busy working with former CSIA CEO Robert Lowe on the transition of power and responsibility and was effusive about his predecessor.

"I would like to thank Bob for his deep commitment to CSIA and his long list of deliverables as a member and executive director. We wish him all the best in his next life chapter," Rivera said.                       

Lowe, who served six years as the organization’s CEO, will remain active in the organization as they continue to plan new initiatives for system integrators and manufacturers.

"I agreed to continue leading the Cybersecurity Task Force as a volunteer and also to participate on the Client Marketing Committee, so I’m not going away entirely," Lowe said of his new role within the organization.

Lowe, for his part, has been grateful for his role as the CSIA’s CEO and of the experiences he had while serving in that capacity.

"It’s been an amazing and fruitful six years for both me and, in my view, CSIA. I’ve grown personally and so has CSIA, both in numbers and in value. The number of friends I’ve made in the United States and around the world is beyond description," he said.

Control System Integrators Association (CSIA) 

– Edited from a press release by Chris Vavra, production editor, Control Engineering, 

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