Data logger for profiling painted, powder-coated products

Fluke's Datapaq EasyTrack 3 system is a data logger designed to make profiling oven cure of painted and powder-coated products easier and it can be used in harsh environments.

By Fluke April 22, 2017

Fluke’s Datapaq EasyTrack 3 system is a data logger designed to make profiling oven cure of painted and powder-coated products easier. The data logger has a polycarbonate casing that can withstand harsh treatment and heat up to 100°C without distortion and without harm to the electronics. Versions with four or six thermocouple channels are available. Data is stored in a non-volatile memory – the capacity has been tripled to up to 18,000 readings per channel. Calibration certificates stored aboard the logger can be printed anytime. When the logger is connected to a PC (via USB), the software now starts automatically. Reviewing and analyzing the data, users can dynamically change the language.

For remote diagnostics, status data can be emailed to the manufacturer’s tech support. The pro version logger carries out up to three consecutive profiling runs before data download to a PC. It features a traffic light indicator that instantly shows whether process criteria have been met. The software includes advanced analysis functions such as rise/fall, peak difference, area under curve calculation, marking of up to six oven zones in the temperature graph, a probe map for high repeatability, saved zooms for even more comfortable reviewing and sharing of data, and customized profile reports.


Fluke Corporation: Fluke Electronics, Calibration and Networks 

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