Data logger with field removable IO modules

Watlow's D4T with Intuition is a data logger that features field removable input/output (I/O) modules for design flexibility.

By Watlow November 21, 2016

Watlow’s D4T with Intuition is a data logger that features field removable input/output (I/O) modules for design flexibility. Configurations can be customized to meet the scaling needs of a tremendous range of equipment and applications while providing exactly the hardware types required for compatibility. The D4T data logger features a 4.3-in., color touch panel with a high-resolution, graphical user interface, which allows channels, alarms, inputs and outputs to be personalized with user-defined names. The learning curve is shortened because of the intuitive screen layout and menu navigation. The data logging capability provides the ability to choose encrypted, .CSV, or both types of file formats for tamper-proof record needs. It enables security using lock-out security levels for different user groups, and simplifies record-keeping management with the ability to archive records to the cloud or a connected PC network. Users can choose where to store the files including inside the controller, on a connected USB memory device, or to a connected PC anywhere in the world. The D4T is provided with Composer graphical configuration PC software.


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