DC-powered digital weight indicators

By Control Engineering Staff March 1, 2000

Peabody, Mass.- Weigh GuardSeries models AN3060 and AN3070 digital weight indicators are now available with a dc-powered option. These 12-28 V dc-powered instruments are said to provide increased flexibility for a wide range of applications in dynamic weighing environments, such as chemical or garbage/waste material weighing in trucks or railcars. Both conform to a wide range of metrology, safety and EMC standards, including UL, CSA, and CE.

The AN3060 is a low cost, high performance indicator executing 25 measurements/sec. It offers a very competitive alternative to medium-priced controllers for applications requiring exceptional speed and high precision.

The AN3070 is a multifunctional digital weight indicator that can excite up to eight load cells and perform 50 measurements/sec. The indicator has application-specific features and capabilities, including multiple tare storage, accumulation, multiple range, peak and valley, and clock/calendar functions, making it extremely flexible for industrial process weighing applications.

Analogic Corp., Measurement and Control Div.