Digi Connect ME embedded module aids device networking

Minnetonka, MN—To give users an embedded module that is "plug-and-play, customizable and future-safe," Digi International Inc. has released its Digi Connect ME, which is based on its 32-bit NetSilicon NS7520 microprocessor.

By Control Engineering Staff May 22, 2003

Minnetonka, MN— To give users an embedded module that is “plug-and-play, customizable and future-safe,” Digi International Inc. recently released its Digi Connect ME. Because it’s based on the 32-bit NetSilicon NS7520 microprocessor, the company says users no longer have to make functionality compromises to benefit from a low-cost, compact solution.

Digi Connect ME’s plug-and-play capabilities enhance device productivity by cost-effectively adding networking technology, while simultaneously providing access to application creation and customization options available with NetSilicon’s NS7520 and NET+Works development tools. The module’s component mounting and connectivity options allow it to be mounted on a chassis or product enclosure. Users can add embedded network connectivity to products in less than 30 days, without requiring a time-consuming and expensive printed circuit board modification.

Digi Connect ME is the latest addition to Digi’s Connect products, which combine its device server technology with NetSilicon’s network application processor and tools. Connect is also a future-safe line that is designed to protect users’ design investments, explains Digi. Users can design a solution once, and then reuse the software as they migrate from external Ethernet connectivity solutions to fully integrated Ethernet processors, while delivering performance levels that meet present and future needs.

“Digi Connect ME is the first single-component product to combine 32-bit performance and flexibility with the size and price previously afforded to commodity-level 8- and 16-bit solutions,” says Joel Young, Digi’s device server products VP. “It provides the perfect vehicle for migrating applications to advanced network connectivity while simultaneously preserving existing investment.”

In addition, Digi Connect ME includes complete support for common networking protocols and services, and also includes optional power pass-thru via the network interface, enabling a device to be powered over the Ethernet cable. It also features device management and control capabilities, including five general-purpose I/O (GPIO) pins; a customizable web interface with application-specific Java applet support; SMTP e-mail alerts; and full configuration and management via SNMP. Finally, the company says Digi Connect ME is the first module to support a truly interoperable, standards-based security framework using SSL/TLS and up to 256-bit AES encryption. The product also delivers industry-leading, low-latency, high-throughput and customizable web pages.

“This product is a perfect example of our ability to provide solutions that make device networking easy, while also giving our customers the power to customize the product to meet their individual needs now and in the future,” adds Joe Dunsmore, Digi’s president and CEO.

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