Digital display data transmitter

B&R Automation's Smart Display Link 3 provides digital display data transmission of 100 meters between the PC and panel and all communication channels are transferred over an Ethernet cable.

February 10, 2014

B&R Automation’s Smart Display Link 3 provides digital display data transmission of 100 meters between the PC and panel. This is beneficial for modular machine and system manufacturing, in particular. 

Features include all communication channels being transferred over a standard Ethernet cable. In addition to reducing cable costs, the thin cable and RJ45 connector are a perfect fit in tight spaces such as feed-through openings and support arm systems. Graphics data is transferred directly from the PC system to the panel without having to be processed by additional PC architecture in the panel. This technology can also be used regardless of operating system. 

Smart Display Link 3 can be used on all Automation Panels – not only new product generations, but all previous generations as well.

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