Digital manufacturing tools for small, medium manufacturers

By Control Engineering Staff October 11, 2007

With the goal of making PLM (product life cycle management) technology more accessible to smaller businesses within the supply chain, Dassault Systemes has introduced Delmia PLM and virtual commissioning is a large part, and often of keen interest to manufacturing engineers. Successful users of PLM today are primarily large automotive and aerospace companies, such as long-time Dassault customers General Motors and Boeing. They invested early in such software to reduce the lead times and costs associated with new product introductions. Delmia PLM Express is designed allow their suppliers to reap the same benefits at an affordable cost.

ode weeks before the integration of the physical equipment occurs on the shop floor, significantly reducing the ramp-up time of manufacturing systems and costs for maintenance operations. By catching PLC programming errors through simulation, control engineers also reduce the risk of damage to physical factory equipment.uction stoppage on plant floor equipment. This solution also enables faster development of new processes, as existing data can be stored for re-use.lanning earlier in the design stages with the ability to capture and reuse data for shop floor implementation saves companies valuable ramp-up time and avoids costly delays in production..on the shop floor and by eliminating rework costs.iers realize this value, but do not have the need to deploy a full PLM strategy at their level. Delmia PLM Express enables these companies with the right set of PLM technologies to better focus on their targeted pain areas, to energize the supply chain and contribute to higher business value.” Digital Manufacturing Takes Off ” in