Digital pattern generator tests latest screens

By Control Engineering Staff September 8, 2005

FPDDrive digital image generator from Eldim Co. allows programming and display of images on late-generation digital monitors.

FPDDrive digital image generator from Eldim Co. lets users program and display images on the latest generations of digital monitors. It can be used as a stand-alone device or integrated in an automated measuring system to display the test patterns required for testing and calibrating screens. Applications include quality control, production, and R&D.

Package lets users test and calibrate LCDs and other flat panels in end-user conditions. It can provide driving format, fully programmable panel definition, data output format, and patterns and sequences. Module includes small, removable extension cards that can be exchanged to provide alternate interface options depending on the screen tested. Available cards correspond to current TTL, LVDS, and DVI standards. Device addresses latest technological advances with a resolution of 4096 x 2048 pixels, 320 MHz sampling rate, and 24-bit color digitizing. USB 2.0 interface makes it polyvalent and stable.

User friendly, PC-based system includes an intuitive program interface for accessing parameters. A library of ActiveX functions gives flexibility in programming and automating from other applications.

Eldim markets new developments in display technology, which includes testing solutions based on high-performance CCD cameras, optics, and user-friendly software. It also develops and manufactures cooled digital cameras, video photometers, colorimeters, and turnkey inspection systems.

—Jeanine Katzel, senior editor, Control Engineering,