Direct-drive, brushless ‘pancake’ motor

By Control Engineering Staff December 1, 2001

Roseville, Calif. – With motor axial lengths as short as 10 mm (0.4 in.), diameters up to 165 mm, and through holes up to 120 mm, new ULT Series brushless motors offer flexibility for direct drive designs. Just two assemblies comprise the frameless construction: a simple machine-wound stator and a rotor with one-piece rare-earth (NdFeB) magnet. Parts count and cost are reduced, while integration into a machine is simplified. ULT motor models have peak torque output of 90-600 oz-in. and be run from trapezoidal- or sinusoidal-current brushless amplifiers. Using the latter, harmonic distortion is said to be under 1%, resulting in low torque ripple. To optimize motor speed and efficiency, standard 12-, 24-, and 48-V windings can be modified with custom windings at no extra cost.

Applimotion Inc.