Displays, displays, displays: Variety of features meet wide range of needs

By Control Engineering Staff February 8, 2007
Stand-alone 2-in. graphic display module from Ametek Dixson is said to provide the advantages of a graphic display in a rugged, versatile gauge that can be used alone or with existing instrumentation.

Three new display products offer a variety of advanced features to meet such applications as rugged environments, visibility in bright sunlight, and touchscreen options. They include a 2-in. graphic display module for instrumentation from Ametek Dixson , an outdoor LCD from VarTech Systems , and a hardened resistive touchscreen option from Christensen Display Products .

Graphic display module: Stand-alone 2-in. graphic display module is the latest addition to Ametek Dixson’s NGI vehicular instrumentation system. Compact module is said to provide the advantages of a graphic display in a rugged, versatile gauge that can be used alone or with existing instrumentation by connecting it to an SAE J1939 (CAN) data bus. Device is sealed to IP 67 specifications front and rear. Backlit LCD is 106 x 56 pixels to provide clear, legible graphics. A dead-fronted warning indicator is positioned above the graphic display window. The user interface consists of three backlit switches with tactile feedback. Module can display data from the vehicle data bus or text and graphics as specified. Text and symbols can be static, dynamic, or a combination. Backlighting can be red, greed, blue, amber, or white.

Family of monitors from Christensen Display Products features a hardened resistive touchscreen option.

Outdoor LCD: Model VT320X outdoor LCD from VarTech is intended to withstand harsh environmental conditions. The 32-in., 24-bit monitor is suited for most outdoor applications and is said to be able to handle freezing temperatures, intense heat, rain, or bright sunlight. Housing is available in custom colors. Sealed display is protected against water, dust, dirt, insects, and other outdoor elements. It is equipped with a state-of-the-art microprocessor controlled thermal management system that keeps the unit operating at an appropriate temperature regardless of outdoor conditions. Screen and housing are vandal resistant. Display is readable in most lighting conditions; 32-in. system features1366 x 768 pixel resolution and operates in temperatures from -40 to 140 °F. It conforms to VESA standards and may be mounted on ceiling or wall or as a standalone display.

Displays with touchscreen technology: Industrial monitors from Christensen Display Products now offer a hardened resistive touchscreen technology option. Touchscreen features a thin glass film bonded to the front user surface to provide protection against surface wear. A layer of hardened backing adds protection from severe frontal impacts. New models are interchangeable with existing resistive touchscreen units with no hardware or software interface changes.

—Edited by Jeanine Katzel , senior editor , Control Engineering