DoD support: RFID specialists set to deliver powerful chip and inlay combo

By Manufacturing Business Technology Staff July 21, 2008

SimplyRFID is teaming up with Avery Dennison RFID , a leading UHF inlay manufacturer and RFID technology provider, to offer customers the AD-224 inlay. SimplyRFID develops supply chain logistics and is the creator of the On-Demand Complete Department of Defense (DoD) Shipping System, which facilitates compliance with DoD RFID shipping rules.
In addition to providing DoD suppliers with thousands of RFID labels, SimplyRFID recently developed Nox, an asset-level tracking system for customers. Nox allows companies to track computers and documents with an RFID solution integrated with video, and has been deployed to prevent and help prosecute theft, misrouting, and trafficking; as well as locate evidence and important files.
“Our customers require a powerful chip and inlay combination in a small label for latent tracking solutions we develop for them to deploy,” says Carl Brown, president, SimplyRFID. “We have great success using the AD-224 in a variety of item-level applications for our customers.”
The AD-224 standard version offers a scalable 96 to 240 bit EPC memory to accommodate applications requiring different lengths of EPC codes. It also is available with an additional 512 bits of user memory.
The extra memory allows for storage of applications data for product life-cycle verification such as e-pedigree or brand authentication applications. The AD-224 offers increased read ranges, higher read rates, and excellent performance across a wide variety of applications.
Says Robert Cornick, an Avery Dennison RFID company VP, “[We] design innovative inlays to meet new and emerging manufacturing, retail, and item-level RFID application needs. The AD-224 has an extended memory option that meets a variety of application needs.”