Drive nuts provide linear motion in machine design applications

Amacoil's Uhing Model RS drive nuts are designed to provide smooth backlash-free linear motion in machine design applications.

By Amacoil November 15, 2016

Amacoil’s Uhing Model RS drive nuts are designed to provide smooth backlash-free linear motion in machine design applications. Unlike a screw, the RS drive nut runs on a smooth shaft. This eliminates the potential for debris to become trapped in threads which could then clog or jam. If material does fall onto the shaft, it is easily removed by wiping the shaft with a clean cloth. Should an object somehow become caught between the nut and the shaft bearing end support, the drive slips until the operator can remove the obstruction. Slipping, as opposed to the churning and grinding associated with screw-based systems, prevents damage to the nut and other components in the linear motion system which, in turn, reduces downtime for repairs and enables more consistent production rates.

When integrated with sensing devices such as a linear scale, RS drive nuts provide high accuracy back-lash free linear motion in material handling machines, winding equipment, test and measurement devices, metrology machinery, packaging machines and other converting and finishing equipment. Options include a stainless steel housing and shaft scrapers which wipe off the shaft while the nut moves. This enhances smooth, clean operation. Customers may also specify special sealing procedures for the RS nut housing as is sometimes desirable in food processing machinery to meet regulatory standards. RS nuts require no maintenance except periodic lubrication of the shaft with grease.


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