Drive simulation software: See how a drive works

Experience how a Magnetek Impulse variable frequency drive works, from any PC with Microsoft Windows.

By Control Engineering Staff February 9, 2009

Magnetek Inc. announces its new Impulse drive simulation software , a Microsoft Windows-based software program that lets the user program the functions of a variable frequency drive. The Impulse drive simulation software lets the user experience how a drive works to

A variety of drive capabilities are simulated, including running the drive using a pendant station, monitoring input/output status, motor loading, and alarms/faults. Simulated programming features include programming a drive using a keypad interface and programming/executing special functions within the drive such as auto-tuning. The software also allows users to chart/view performance characteristics and view/edit parameter settings.

It demonstrates the features of both the Impulse G+/VG+ Series 3 drives and the company’s new Impulse G+ Mini Drive.

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