Dust Networks launches SmartMesh networking system

Dust Networks recently launched its SmartMesh wireless mesh-networking platform for enterprise-class monitoring and control solutions.

By Control Engineering Staff October 7, 2004

Dust Networks recently launched its SmartMesh wireless mesh-networking platform for enterprise-class monitoring and control solutions. SmartMesh is optimized for low data-rate sensor networking applications in building automation, industrial monitoring, and security. The firm says SmartMesh allows access to physical world data, and combines mesh networking software and battery-powered wireless nodes to deliver reliability, manageability, and easy installation.

Dust adds that SmartMesh enables users to cut costs of deploying, installing, and managing a sensing and control network. SmartMesh is easily installed and managed because its self-configuring network requires no site survey, no RF knowledge, and no device-level management. SmartMesh doesn’t require power or communication wires, allowing devices on the system to be completely untethered, and enabling new applications in energy monitoring, HVAC systems, machine-health monitoring, and perimeter security.

Dust reports that its easy, manageable, and reliable method of deploying sensors and collecting data allows users to reduce costs, increase efficiency, and gain greater visibility into the condition of physical assets. SmartMesh also reportedly offers the industry’s lowest power consumption and most reliability to ensure that management and maintenance costs stay low throughout the life of the application.

SmartMesh’s system includes:

SmartMesh’s compact networking software, running on each network node that executes routing, timing, network optimization and management functions to ensure efficient end-to-end connectivity and long-term networking reliability.

SmartMesh Manager, which is a network interface device that provides an open network management interface and quality of service functions for a network of Motes.

Motes, which are ultra low-power wireless communication nodes running SmartMesh software, and are designed to be integrated into custom packaging; connected to antenna and battery; and wired to sensors and actuators.

“To meet their business objectives, our customers demand wireless networks with high reliability, complete end-to-end manageability, that are easily integrated with sensors and applications, and can be rapidly deployed,” said Joy Weiss, Dust’s president and CEO. “SmartMesh sets the benchmark on all of these fronts, speeding our customers’ time to market, slashing their installation costs and dramatically increasing the flexibility of their product and service offerings.”

—Jim Montague, news editor, Control Engineering, jmontague@reedbusiness.com