DVT 2003: Alliances formed with Iconics, Phoenix Contact, CTC Parker

Phoenix, AZ—DVT Corp. announced agreements with CTC Parker, Iconics, and Phoenix Contact at a Nov. 4 press conference here during DVT 2003 Global Business Conference and User Group Meeting.

By Control Engineering Staff November 4, 2003

Phoenix, AZ— DVT Corp. announced agreements with CTC Parker , Iconics , and Phoenix Contact at a Nov. 4 press conference here during DVT 2003 Global Business Conference and User Group Meeting. The moves aim to integrate DVT’s vision systems more tightly with connecting software, human-machine interface, and Ethernet I/O devices.

DVT will private label CTC’s InteractX HMI software to give users an integrated vision and HMI software product, in an effort to significantly reduce cost, design and integration, and maintenance. DVT will offer InteractX software as well as CTC’s PX PowerStations, which are industrial PC platforms bundled with InteractX for easy out-of-the-box operation. InteractX is a Microsoft Windows HMI software product developed specifically for machine control and OEM needs, particularly in reliability, ease of application, and reducing long-term costs of ownership. InteractX runs on Microsoft Windows98/2000/NT/XP and Embedded NT/XP operating systems on any PC platform. PX PowerStations are available with any Windows OS including Embedded NT/XP running on CompactFlash for a non-rotating media solution. InteractX will be resold through DVT’s distribution channel, which includes DVT certified integrators worldwide.

Iconics will develop an OPC server for DVT’s products. Customers stand to benefit by bypassing custom interfaces and drivers through the use of OPC. In addition, the companies will cooperate on marketing. Iconics OPC server technology will allow DVT cameras to receive communications from a variety of components through one source.

Phoenix Contact will brand label a power supply and an Ethernet I/O assembly to be used with DVT’s Legend SmartImage vision systems. Phoenix Contact will provide an industrial strength, DIN-rail-mountable power supply that features an easy-to-assemble connection method to enable a quick connection of devices. The preassembled I/O rail assembly has Ethernet Modbus/TCP protocol with eight built-in digital inputs and eight digital outputs. The I/O board features advanced diagnostics for camera power and an integrated breakout module.

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