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Easier CNC programming, probe system integration

Cover Story: Computer numerical controls (CNC) trends for machine control include easier integration of systems, such as measuring probes, to save up to 90% setup time.
By CFE Media May 31, 2019
Courtesy: Mitsubishi Electric

Icon-based programming methods are helping with integration of measuring probes into computer numerical control (CNC) systems for machine controls. The changes are said to make it easier for users of CNC and probes to take measurements and use the information to verify or modify CNC programming as measurements require.

Machine tool programmers and engineers can use the simplified icon-based programming method to select and customize probe measuring cycles or features directly into the CNC’s G-code program, which is done through an editing screen.

Such integration reduces programming time and potential for human error because programmers do not have to hand-type the G-code instructions into the control software. This advancement is applicable for tool and workpiece measurement.

Less set-up time: 90%

The newly created graphical user interface screens use CNC functions to make probing cycles more user friendly, according to Matthew Bascue, mechatronics engineer at Mitsubishi Electric Automation Inc.

Use of the probes and the integration “can reduce set-up times by up to 90% and improve process control. Probing is an established practice for maximizing efficiency, quality, capability, and accuracy of machine tools,” said Dave Bozich, vice president of operations at Renishaw. “Standard routines built into modern CNC controls simplify integration of probing cycles. These routines, when combined with a CAD interface, streamline the simulation of measurement functions.”

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Easier programming helps with integrating measuring probes and CNC software.

Error-proofing improves by avoiding manual inputs.

Simulation functions also can improve.

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