Easier: panel designs, short-circuit current rating compliance

Cooper Bussmann simplifies SCCR calculations with enhanced OSCAR 2.0 software.
By Control Engineering Staff May 13, 2008

St. Louis, MO – New

Cooper Bussman

OSCAR Version 2.0 SCCR (short-circuit current rating) compliance software allows users to save and edit electrical panel designs, while offering a more intuitive process flow, graphically displaying the circuit as each component is entered.

OSCAR stands for online short-circuit current rating software. New features make panel design easier.

OSCAR stands for online short-circuit current rating software. The online software guides the user through entering electrical panel components for supply, feeder, sub-feeder, branch, and tap circuits. Panel designers can comply quickly and accurately with 2008 NEC and UL508A Supplement SB for short-circuit current rating equipment marking requirements for assembly SCCR– Industrial Control Panels [409.110]; Industrial Machinery Electrical Panels [670.3(A)]; and HVAC Equipment [440.4(B)]
Highlights include:
Build-a Circuit graphical interface , an intuitive navigation tool, permits selection from pre-loaded component templates for common circuit types, resulting in quicker design development.
-My Projects feature lets users save, edit, or copy existing designs for new projects.
Pop-up dialogue box with device information provides users with assistance.
-Weakest link: The component limiting SCCR rating for the assembly is highlighted.
55,000-line-item database is searchable by partial part number or device rating.
-Custom device option allows entry of and saving specialized component rating information for devices not found in the OSCAR compliance software database.
When work is completed, users can print reports and schematics for required SCCR documentation.
“Cooper Bussmann leads the industry in Code compliance product and service solutions,” says Todd Lottmann, product manager. “This enhanced OSCAR 2.0 version is another great example. It is a design tool that more efficiently allows users to upgrade panel designs with ease and confidence to the desired SCCR level by combining graphic enhancements with project management features and updated UL Logic.”
OSCAR Compliance Software is maintained online to provide users with the most up-to-date information regarding UL standards and an updated product search database, company says.
To read about or compare these features to last version, see

Improved: Online calculator for UL508A SCCR

, December 2006.
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