EC: Eaton 2-3 kVA 9PX UPS

Power — Energy, power protection, UPS: Eaton's 9PX 2-3 kVA UPS provides reliable and efficient backup power. Its quick installation, advanced battery management and remote communication capabilities make it an ideal solution for engineers. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

October 13, 2016

Reliability and efficiency are industry standards for today’s uninterruptible power supplies (UPS). For control engineers, the new differentiators these systems offer are ease and speed of deployment, flexible management and integration into multiple application environments.

The 9PX 2-3 kVA UPS offers fast, flexible deployment across edge networks, industrial automation and similar applications. The graphical LCD menu enables quick installation, configuration and troubleshooting of any problems associated with the UPS. Adjustable settings also increase compatibility with difficult loads, generators and harsh power environments.

Additionally, the 9PX UPS features advanced battery management capabilities that improve battery life, a critical feature for engineers seeking to maximize investments in their power system. Remote communication capabilities are increasingly important too, so the 9PX 2-3 kVA UPS incorporates:

  • Optional Network-MS card for SNMP communications to seamlessly integrate with third-party monitoring
  • Optional Modbus-MS card to provide Modbus TCP/IP communications and quickly integrate with industrial control systems
  • Native relay output ports for peer-to-peer integration with PLCs and other industrial devices
  • A programmable UPS signal input to align UPS behavior with the external environment.

The 9PX 2-3 kVA UPS can be used in a rack or tower form factor, making it flexible for just about any environment. Optional maintenance bypass accessories, extended battery modules and more are available as UPS add-ons.

The 9PX 2-3 kVA UPS is the ideal solution for control engineers seeking an efficient and reliable UPS, while also looking to save time and resources in the deployment and management of their backup power systems.