EC: EZ-RMC mobile HMI

Software — Mobile Apps for Controls, Automation, Instrumentation: The EZ-RMC mobile application provides real-time access to the HMI installed on a machine, and a summary report on machine productivity and diagnostics to a user anywhere in the world at his or her fingertips. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering October 20, 2014

With the introduction of EZAutomation’s new EZ-RMC mobile application, the future of real-time access to your machine from any-where in the world just became a reality.

EZ-RMC allows users to access their EZTouch HMI or EZ-SOFT HMI running on any computer at the touch of a button on their tablets or smartphones. Compatible with any Android or iOS device, EZ-RMC connects to the EZAutomation HMI through its unique IP Address. With EZ-RMC, the user has full access and control, in real time, to all screens of the HMI program running on the machine. For safety precautions, the application offers eight different levels of password protection, and can be set up for just monitoring or monitoring and control. Each individual screen or object can even be password protected, so if desired, only machine productivity can be accessed off-site.

Coupled with the unique “data signature” feature of the HMI application, EZ-RMC also displays real-time machine diagnostics and productivity in a user customizable summary report. Such reports can be viewed locally on your smart phone or tablet, or can even be automatically emailed to any person just by entering the email address. No prior setup of email contacts required.

The EZ-RMC mobile application with remote access and its unique data signature feature is heavily used for plant management overview, start-up assistance from OEMs or system integrators, or off-site machine troubleshooting and diagnostics. It’s as if you never left the plant to begin with.