EC: EZTimer, a digitally programmable multi-fuction timer

Machine & Embedded Control — CNCs, board-level products: EZTimers say goodbye to knobs, pots, and hundreds of timer models. It is a digitally programmable multi-function timer with precision settings of 1% resolution, 1% accuracy, and 0.1% repeat accuracy. This is a Control Engineering 2017 Engineers’ Choice Awards Winner.

October 13, 2016

The EZTimer is a multi-function programmable timer with a LED display and two simple push buttons that can serve as an economical direct replacement for most octal or 11-pin socket time delay relays (TDRs) in the market. EZTimers, and TDRs in general, can perform simple control functions without the need for a PLC or controller. A TDR is equipped with a type of shock absorber that does not allow full power to flow immediately. Instead, power is delayed and allowed to flow slowly in or out of the coil.

The five most common application uses of a TDR in an industrial environment and OEM equipment are: conveyor belt timing, light manipulation, automatic engine start up, furnace fan control, and slow motor start control. With the all-in one programmable EZTimer you have the flexibility to program the delay to activate the relay anywhere from 0.01 seconds to 999 hours. Furthermore, the standard multi-function EZTimer has four modes of operation that include: Delay on Make (Timed on Delay), Delay on Break (Timed off Delay), Cycle, and Single Shot modes. A more advanced programmable timer also offers Interval, Re-triggerable Single Shot, Inverted Single Shot, Trailing Single Shot, Inverted Delay on Break, and Accumulated Delay on Make modes of operation.

The EZTimer is available in industry standard 120 and 240 Vac, 12 and 24 Vdc models. The impressive relay outputs are 2 Form C (DPDT or SPDT) with a rating of 10 Amps. Wits its bright LED display and buttons, no knobs or pots are required to estimate the timing requirements. The display also shows remaining and elapsed time with 1% absolute accuracy. They are tamper proof with its programmable password protection and retain memory without a battery.