EC: EZTouchPLC Micro

Hardware - Integrated HMI controllers: The EZTouchPLC Micro is a compact HMI-PLC combination unit featuring a 5.7-in. color LED backlit HMI with a powerful 48-I/O PLC built-in at ground breaking prices where the PLC and I/O are practically free. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice honorable mention.

By Control Engineering October 17, 2013

The EZTouchPLC Micro is a compact HMI and PLC combination unit that features a White LED backlit 6-in. TFT color HMI with a powerful 48-I/O PLC built-in. With 24 dc inputs, including 2 high-speed (20 kHz) counter inputs, 8 dc outputs, 4 analog in, 4 analog out, and 8 form C 10 A relay outputs, this is the highest value integrated HMI in its class. Not only does the compact form structure save 40% more enclosure space, it also saves the programmer time through single-port/single-software programming.

EZTouchPLC Micro offers a fast and sturdy PLC scan time of 5 ms for 1,000 instructions, and supports advanced PLC control features such as advanced math, auto-tune PID loops, and retentive memory for tags in flash memory that does not require battery back-up. For additional flexibility, it also offers an RS 485 port for communication to external devices and/or expansion to 256 I/O. Two of the dc Inputs can be configured for an encoder type of interface for high-speed counter applications up to 20 kHz.

The HMI side of the EZTouchPLC Micro features a 5.7-in. TFT color display equipped with USB for programming and data acquisition, as well as an optional Ethernet port for added functionality such as remote monitoring and control from your PC or mobile devices.

100% manufactured and supported in America, the EZTouchPLC Micro truly is the highest value integrated HMI, with prices so low that the high-end PLC is practically free.