EC: Foxboro Evo Compact 200 series I/O

Network Integration — I/O Systems: Foxboro Evo Compact series 200 I/O from Schneider Electric comprises I/O fieldbus modules for high-density configurations, reducing footprint up to 50% for installations where cabinet space is at a premium. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice honorable mention.

By Control Engineering October 20, 2014

Built on technology that saves space, weight and energy consumption, the Foxboro Evo Compact 200 series I/O offering is compatible with multiple generations of Foxboro equipment and software, preserving customer investment and serving confined-space industries such as oil rigs with a way to squeeze more capability into every square foot. It has been estimated that space on an offshore platform can be valued up to tens of thousands of dollars per square foot or more.

Based on a new range of fieldbus modules and configurations, the Foxboro Evo Compact 200 series I/O is not only valuable for new implementations in tight spaces, but also for adding capacity to existing installations without incurring the trouble and cost of facility expansion. Higher-density baseplates and optional cabinets contribute further to footprint reduction, which also drives significant savings in weight, energy consumption and inventory over traditional I/O offerings.

In keeping with Schneider Electric’s commitment to delivering future-proof technology through its Foxboro Evo process automation system, Compact 200 series I/O modules are compatible with multiple generations of Foxboro controllers, software and infrastructure, and they provide the ability to mix and match I/O types on the same controller. They are the latest addition to the Foxboro Evo flexible I/O sub-system family, which includes its 100% software-configurable Intelligent Marshalling universal I/O solution; competitive migration plug-and-play modules; and intrinsically safe I/O options.

Foxboro Evo Compact 200 series I/O modules are based on proven, recognized and highly reliable Foxboro FBM technology, but in a more compact form factor to help customers optimize I/O space. And, by taking advantage of Foxboro Evo future-proof technology, customers can preserve existing investments, reap additional cost savings and realize higher ROI.

Schneider Electric,