EC: Foxboro Evo Process Automation System

Process Control Systems: Foxboro Evo is a process control system that provides all production roles with advanced tools and applications across a high-speed, highly fault-tolerant and cyber-secure hardware platform. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice honorable mention.

By Control Engineering October 17, 2013

The Foxboro Evo process automation system has evolved directly from the pioneering Foxboro I/A Series and Triconex technologies. The new system extends this approach through a component object-based platform, which can undergo major upgrades without halting operations. Because users can upgrade at their own pace, the Foxboro Evo system delivers the lowest total cost of automation and highest return on assets.

The Foxboro Evo system includes a new high-speed controller, field device management tools, a maintenance response center, an enterprise historian and cyber security hardening. And because the company’s broad portfolio of role-based engineering tools and productivity applications are integrated within it, the system provides superior visibility into historical, real-time and predictive operating information to help drive production efficiency.

The new Foxboro Evo system is award-worthy because this unique and powerful combination of innovations provides significant role-based benefits:

  • Safety and security personnel will benefit from an innovative coupling of control and safety, which enables sharing of operational information while keeping the safety system functionally isolated, as well state-of-the-art cyber security.
  • Engineers will be able to reduce their workloads, protect schedule integrity and reduce risk via more intuitive design and troubleshooting features, virtualization and other flexible technology.
  • Operators will gain a more complete, real-time view of plant activity via an updated high-performance, mobile accessible HMI.
  • Maintenance technicians will enjoy lower meantime between repairs via real-time device alerts and analytics, alarm triage, performance monitoring and other benefits.

The new Foxboro Evo system was designed to align with producers’ and operators’ control and safety system strategies, which are evolutionary, not revolutionary, and to keep them focused on reliability, performance, safety and security in their operations.