EC: groov

Software - Mobile apps for controls, automation, instrumentation: groov lets users create and deploy operator interfaces for mobile devices in a web browser, and then view them in a web browser using most smartphones, tablets, or other devices, regardless of size and brand. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice honorable mention.

October 17, 2013

groov from Opto 22 makes important information about control systems, OEM machines, industrial equipment, and just about anything else securely available at any time and in any location to any authorized user. groov’s simple web-browser-based development environment lets automation engineers, system integrators, machine builders, building managers, and technicians build and then deploy effective operator interfaces to smartphones, tablets, PCs, and even HDTVs. groov is cost effective, with no tag limits or costly per-seat runtime and viewing licenses, and groov’s development environment includes pre-built interface elements like dials and gauges that reinforce effective "high-performance" interface design practices.

Once deployed to a device, the groov operator interface runs completely in a web browser. This means that the device’s manufacturer, hardware configuration, and even its operating system are irrelevant; if the device can run a modern web browser like Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 10, it can run a groov operator interface. Browser plugins or additional software like Java, Flash, and Silverlight are not required. groov automatically scales labels, page objects, gadgets, and even live video feeds so operator interfaces can be viewed and manipulated from virtually any device of any screen size. The same operator interface can, for example, be used on an iPhone, an Android-based smartphone, a notebook PC, and a web-enabled "smart" HDTV. Proprietary HMI terminals and mobile devices are not needed. groov provides a fast, affordable, and secure way to add remote access and mobile device support to new and existing equipment and systems.

Opto 22