EC: HIMax X-CPU 31

Safety — Process Safety, Intrinsic Safety: The new HIMax SIL 3 CPU integrates all functions of the system bus module and is even more scalable and able to be adapted to specific small and mid-range safety applications. This is a Control Engineering 2015 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering October 20, 2014

The new X-CPU 31 complements the HIMax safety system family for safe and nonstop plant operation.

While the original HIMax system, which features the X-CPU 01 and separate system bus module, remains the ideal solution for high-level safety applications, smaller applications can benefit from the new X-CPU 31, which integrates all functions of the system bus module. With system bus and CPU functions on one module, the X-CPU 31 makes the HIMax nonstop safety system even more scalable and able to be adapted to specific applications. The results for users include lower investment costs, improved flexibility and the availability of more I/O module slots.

The new CPU supports all HIMax functions and can be seamlessly integrated into the HIMax system family. With proven, safe communication via safeethernet, the new CPU is also ideal for distributed structures.

The performance range of the new CPU is suitable for various applications, including fire/gas and emergency shutdown. Offered as part of FlexSILon complete solutions, the module provides more efficient burner and boiler management, leak detection for pipelines, and control of turbo machines and compressors.

In 2008 HIMA introduced HIMax (SIL 3), designed to provide uninterrupted system operation throughout the entire life of the plant, while maximizing plant availability, productivity and safety. The system provides for unlimited online changes, online modifications and expansions, as well as online upgrades and even regulatory proof testing. More than 900 HIMax systems with more than 500,000 programmed input and output signals have been delivered to protect the plants of the world’s largest companies in the oil, gas, chemicals, pharmaceuticals and power generation industries.