EC: Honeywell DynAMo Alarm and Operations Management

Software - Alarm management: DynAMo Alarm and Operations Management software delivers operations integrity through better plant safety, availability and compliance across an organization’s entire enterprise. This is a Control Engineering 2016 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

October 15, 2015

DynAMo Alarm and Operations Management software brings together Honeywell’s experiences in alarm management and adds to it our extensive knowledge of operations management, delivering a unified solution that seamlessly integrates alarm management metrics and reporting (for safety, availability, compliance and complete alarm system improvement) with integrated operations monitoring and logbook components.

These integrated components allow operators, plant managers and business leaders to monitor violations of critical plant limits and deviations from integrity operating windows, whether for improved productivity or for safer, more reliable production. Whilst the built in electronic logbook provides a means for operations to secure the shift handover process in line with operating best practices.

The integrated application takes alarms from any control system, integrates them with plant limits from anywhere in the organization thanks to its built in smart limit repository, notifies users of deviations from defined operating windows, and transfers all this information automatically into the logbook where the data is collated and presented without the need for operator intervention, increasing the efficiency of the shift handover process whilst reducing operator error. No more missed safety bypasses, or long term standing alarms to worry about, it also connects to your plant historians and third party databases to consolidate information from those systems as well during the shift.

DynAMo Alarm and Operations Management changes the way companies are doing business, turning reactive operators into pro-active operators, elevating communication to stakeholders both inside and outside of the control room.

This DCS vendor neutral, off the shelf solution, is also mobile ready, so fully functionality on your mobile device or tablet as it is on the control room desktop or console.

DynAMo Alarm and Operations Management brings much needed best practice to operations.

Honeywell Process Solutions,