EC: Honeywell Experion Collaboration Station

Hardware - HMI, operator interface, thin-client: Experion Collaboration Station uses touchscreen technology to present displays and other information from control systems and other sources available on the users' business network for faster resolution of routine and abnormal situations at a site. This is a Control Engineering 2014 Engineers’ Choice finalist.

By Control Engineering October 17, 2013

The industrial sector increasingly requires seamless collaboration for quick and informed decision-making across an organization. This reality, coupled with intense competition and evolving customer needs, makes cross-enterprise knowledge sharing critical for an organization’s success. Accomplishing this requires a robust, scalable and secure platform for collaboration.

Honeywell’s Experion Collaboration Station provides access to all relevant information in a common view, enabling more efficient operations and better decision-making. Experion Collaboration Station includes a large-format, multi-touch display for system or plant-wide data, and enables high-quality, quick communication and collaboration across locations, regardless of where people are.

Experion Collaboration Station is the first available product to display both control system and business network information for faster resolution of routine and abnormal situations at a site. Users share the same view and can work simultaneously on the same documents using the large-screen display or their desktop computers. These capabilities are particularly useful for routine tasks, like facilitating regular plant events such as shift changeovers and operations meetings, and also for needed troubleshooting. Multidisciplinary team members can quickly collaborate and make process and business decisions without the constraints of travel.

Experion Collaboration Station displays include production planning, scheduling, advanced applications, piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs), specification sheets, and video conferencing, which enables remote participants to view displays.

Additional capabilities and benefits of Experion Collaboration Station include:

  • Maintain information context while navigating between high-level overviews and detailed content.
  • Visualize information in one view, instead of navigating between hundreds of display links.
  • Seamlessly transition between overview and detail, instead of viewing discrete content out of context.
  • Access repeatable display sets for different locations.
  • Navigate more quickly between different contexts and workspaces using pan and zoom functionality.
  • Use natural, direct manipulation, as opposed to passive overview wall displays.

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